Cannabis Testing

Why Employers Should Keep THC in Drug Tests

Data shows some employers are discontinuing testing for cannabis. But at what cost? Here’s why some are already considering adding it back with technology that better isolates recent use.

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Best Blogs* of 2021

* Best blogs written by the Hound Labs team in 2021, not to be confused with the best blogs written by bloggers who are candidates for blog industry awards such as the Bloggies or the BOBs (Best of Blogs) – the equivalent to an Oscar® or Grammy® for blog writers.

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Seasonal, Safety Sensitive, and in Need of a Solution

In early 2021, we went on-site with a company that owns and operates numerous safety-sensitive worksites across the U.S. to help them balance SAFETY+FAIRNESS™ for their first season since the pandemic began.

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How Employees Are Influencing Cannabis Testing

How Employees Are Influencing Cannabis Testing

An employee at a national machine parts manufacturing company suggested that the company start using a cannabis breathalyzer.

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What Do Mining Companies, Restaurants, Manufacturers, and Casinos Have in Common?

Marijuana legalization has created a myriad of problems for these employers and countless others across the country.

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