Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Reform: Movement and Stalls Across the U.S.

As reform efforts continue, July Fourth was the second-highest cannabis sales day of 2021 in states where medical and/or recreational use are legal.

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How Current World Events May Impact Your Cybersecurity

In his latest Security Snapshot, Hound Labs’ CISO Don Boian discusses ways to reduce cyber risks as world events could impact the business continuity of organizations across all industries.

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Keys to Safety + Other Lessons from a Life on the Road

A Father’s Day interview with Bill Whim, two-time National Truck Driver of the Year, who logged more than 5 million miles and 50 years of accident-free driving.

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The Growing Demand for Medical Review Officers

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) can help employers navigate workplace drug testing policies and protect employees’ personal health information.

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Post-hire drug testing

Overhauling Workplace Cannabis Testing Policies

Overhauling workplace cannabis testing policies is imperative if companies want to future-proof their operations, maintain safety, and retain employees.

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Military Drug Testing

Does the Military Need to Modernize its Drug Testing?

Cannabis legalization may lead the U.S. military away from its zero-tolerance stance. Here are three ways the military can modernize its drug testing policies.

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Cannabis Testing

Why Employers Should Keep THC in Drug Tests

Data shows some employers are discontinuing testing for cannabis. But at what cost? Here’s why some are already considering adding it back with technology that better isolates recent use.

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Cannabis Policy

Focusing Competing Priorities When Each Workplace Leader Is Right

Cannabis legalization is causing competing priorities among workplace leaders. Whose viewpoint should be the priority when each leader’s view has merit?

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Workplace Drug Testing

The Unexpected Costs of Drug Use in the Workplace

How do a bathroom scale and a fitness app relate to a successful and sustainable drug testing program? By preventing unexpected surprises.

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National Cannabis Testing Day

Why 4/21 is Considered “National Drug Testing Day”

Getting drug tested on 4/21 could be a rude awakening for anyone who smokes cannabis on 4/20, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

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