Why Testing with Human Subjects Matters

Since founding Hound Labs, Inc. in 2014, I worked with our team to prioritize “R&D” (research and development). A critical part of the research necessary to build a cannabis breathalyzer requires more than just lab simulations. To truly understand the effectiveness of our technology, we must continually test people – not lab rats.

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Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders and Cannabis Use

Not many people will deny road safety is critical and that cannabis drug testing is part of that safety equation; however, many people are now rightly questioning the use of urine and oral fluid tests for this application.

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Approximately how many different substances does human breath contain?

The unique characteristics of breath have fascinated the medical and scientific communities for years but building a deep understanding of breath requires advanced ultra-sensitive technology.

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Think Twice Before Abandoning Cannabis Testing

Guest Contributor Christine M. Jensen shares that despite short-term challenges, the best long-term strategy for employers and employees is to continue cannabis testing.

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Federal Cannabis Reform Bill Could Provide Clarity

It is becoming increasingly difficult for employers and employees to navigate the complex maze of state laws legalizing cannabis.

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How Employees Are Influencing Cannabis Testing

How Employees Are Influencing Cannabis Testing

An employee at a national machine parts manufacturing company suggested that the company start using a cannabis breathalyzer.

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Rethinking Pre-Access Testing

Pre-access testing is flexible, cost effective, and well suited for workplace drug testing programs in the era of cannabis legalization.

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CEO, Dr. Mike Lynn Shares His Perspectives on Creating a Cannabis Breathalyzer that Is Easy-to-Use

Hound Labs needed to shrink a piece of lab equipment about the size of a pony into a carrying case, maintain ultra-sensitivity, and ensure the solution was easy to use.

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A Primer for Future Cannabis Legalization

Connecticut’s cannabis legislation will have profound and immediate implications – impacting employers and employees in legal and non-legal states.

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Cannabis legalization update

Cannabis Reform Is Now Everywhere – Even in the Conservative South

It’s no secret that cannabis legalization has become more and more commonplace in recent years – not only where you might expect it.

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