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Director of Content + Brand Strategy

Tricia is an award-winning writer and editor who brings nearly three decades of journalism and marketing experience to Hound Labs. A trained multi-media journalist turned visionary content strategist, Tricia has written and produced programming for high-profile networks like ESPN Radio, History Channel, and Hallmark Channel; contributed countless articles to editorial publications nationwide; and worked as a marketing and communications professional in a variety of industries, including background screening. Tricia holds a master's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and earned her undergraduate degree from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

Tricia’s blogs analyze current events and trends in cannabis legalization, workforce safety and fair testing practices for applicants and employees, drug testing, human resources, and employer compliance.

Hound Labs Blog Marijuana Rescheduling

Federal Marijuana Rescheduling: The Employer Impact

The federal government is taking more steps to reclassify cannabis as a Schedule III drug. This decision may create an additional layer of complexity within employer drug testing programs.

Hound Labs Blog 4/20

Seven Ways to Confront Workday Cannabis Use

Marijuana now accounts for more than half of all positive drug tests. Whether you have a drug testing program, or are considering a new test type, 4/20 is a good reminder it’s time to act.


5 Ways Cannabis Breath Testing Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Providing a detection window of 2-3 hours, cannabis breath testing can help reduce turnover and aid in employee recruitment, acquisition, and retention.

Hound Labs Blog Workday Cannabis Use

Survey Offers New Insights About Cannabis Use at Work

A new Hound Labs survey reveals that 48% of respondents admit to using marijuana at work. This blurring of lines between personal and professional boundaries underscores the need for urgent action.

Hound Labs Blog Cannabis Testing Trends 2024

Cannabis Testing Trends to Watch in 2024

A selection of thought leaders from legal, data, technology, and scientific backgrounds share the cannabis testing trends they see unfolding in 2024.

Risk and Safety Jaime Feinberg Hound Labs Blog

Meet the Expert: Jaime Feinberg, Vice President of Partnerships for Insurance, Risk, and Safety

Jaime discusses her passion for risk and safety management and her approach to helping drug testing customers navigate the challenges associated with legal cannabis.

Cannabis testing policies

High Stakes in the Workplace: Redefining Cannabis Testing Policies

Five factors to consider for strengthening cannabis testing policies to emphasize deterrence, safety, and fairness.

Hound Labs Blog_Grateful_1200x628px

Sharing Our Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to express our gratitude for the incredible blessings in our lives. We asked Hound Labs’ employees to share what they’re thankful for this season.

Hound Labs Blog_Cannabis Policy

The Importance of Educating Employees About Workplace Cannabis Policies  

A recent survey shows under 20% of employees feel their company adequately explains their workplace cannabis policy. That lack of education could be risky and costly.

Cannabis testing

Why the Workday Matters When Testing for Cannabis

Conventional cannabis tests offer little information about whether an employee’s cannabis use may impact job performance. Why? Because they can’t isolate recent use.

Employee Retention

Five Ways Cannabis Breath Testing Can Improve Employee Retention

Employers are losing valuable employees because of confusing cannabis laws + workplace drug testing policies. Here are five ways a cannabis breath test can boost retention.

Military Drug Testing

Does the Military Need to Modernize its Drug Testing?

Cannabis legalization may lead the U.S. military away from its zero-tolerance stance. Here are three ways the military can modernize its drug testing policies.