Growing cannabis legalization is leading to increased cannabis use within the workforce.

Over the past five years (2017-2021), positivity rates in marijuana urine tests in the U.S. general workforce increased by 50 percent.¹

More than ever, employers have an obligation to help ensure workplace safety. Yet, traditional tests for oral fluid, urine, and hair can’t isolate recent cannabis use associated with the workday. As such, results from these tests may not be relevant, or worse – may jeopardize employee fairness and privacy by reflecting use that occurred days, weeks, or months prior.


"Today I had to fire my best shift manager. He told me he used marijuana last week but there was an incident, and the test was positive. I still believe that his marijuana use wasn’t the reason for the incident, but I had to follow the policy."

Transportation + Warehousing Employer


"We have an antiquated drug testing program, and now we’re stuck in a position where the laws are changing faster than our technology. We’re looking for a way to continue testing and have a safe work environment."

Manufacturing Employer


"We just had a hiring event. Nearly 70 people showed up, and after we told them they would be testing for THC, most of them didn’t show up the next day, and a few failed the drug test. We lost 100% of our candidates that day."

Construction Industry Employer


"Every month, I’m down one person due to a positive drug test result. And the cost to replace an employee is $10K when recruitment, onboarding, and training costs are considered."

Manufacturing Employer


“We are losing 60% of new hires due to positive marijuana test results. We need to recruit twice as many people as we have open positions.”

Hospitality Employer

marijuana stay in your system mobile


The HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER isolates cannabis detection to the workday, giving employers objective data to support testing policies that balance workplace safety with employee fairness and privacy.

By implementing the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER, employers can:

An Evolution in Cannabis Testing

Recruit and retain more qualified employees