What’s the fair way to ensure safety in the workplace?

With marijuana legalization, employers want to treat employees fairly but also want to maintain a safe workplace.



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    Positive THC results only within hours of use

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    Correlates THC in breath with peak impairment window

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    Keeps personal choices private for responsible users

Avoid unfair employment decisions based on past use

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    Positive THC results days or months after use

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    Does not correlate with peak impairment

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    Results can reflect personal and responsible choices outside of work

The HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER helps you keep employees, ensure safety, and save money.

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Helps create a safer workplace

Check employees to understand whether they are under the influence of recent marijuana use and at risk.

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Enables decisions based on better information

Keep employees who use responsibly outside of work hours by measuring only recent use.

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Screens employees effectively

Identify employees who use marijuana immediately prior to coming to work rather than those who used it days or weeks prior to testing.


Unrivaled technology in an easy to use, portable device

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Minimal training required

Attach, breathe, and process – just a few easy steps and employers can collect a lab-quality breath sample.

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Fast results on-location

The handheld automatically and simultaneously captures 2 breath samples – one for immediate on-site processing and one for lab confirmation if required.

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Non-invasive and hygienic

Individually packaged, single-use cartridges ensure reliable results and a sanitary process.

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Secure and encrypted data

Cartridges are tamper-evident and store encrypted test results by a unique ID.

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Ultra-sensitive measurement

1 billion times more sensitive than an alcohol breathalyzer, the ultra-sensitive technology measures recent cannabis use.

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Portable and durable

The carrying case, built to withstand everyday use, contains everything needed for processing results on-location. 

Why use the

Interested in finding out how much your company could save with the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER?

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“At our company, employees are just as concerned about safety as we are. I have a growing number come to my office and express concern about coworkers who use marijuana at their lunch hour during a shift.”

- VP of HR, Manufacturing Company

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“Today I had to fire my best shift manager. He told me he used marijuana last week but there was an accident and the test was positive. I still believe that his marijuana use wasn’t the reason for the accident, but I had to follow the policy.”

- HSE Manager, Warehouse Company

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“Every month I’m down 1 person due to a positive drug test result. Cost to replace an employee is $10k when recruitment, onboarding, and training costs are considered.”

- Site Manager, Food Manufacturing Plant

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“We are losing 60% of new hires due to positive marijuana test results. We need to recruit twice as many people as we have open positions.”

- Director of Security, Hospitality Company

Employees are worth keeping.

Don’t risk losing them by using outdated marijuana tests.