Marijuana in the Workplace

Ensure workplace safety and productivity while allowing legal marijuana use after work hours

Employers face new challenges

  • Keeping an impairment-free work environment

    Safety and productivity depend on employees who work without being under the influence.

  • Finding effective drug tests for recent marijuana use

    Tests of oral fluid, blood, and urine do not tell recent use.

  • Avoiding irrelevant information about past marijuana use

    Only breath confirms recent marijuana use within the impairment window.

The Solution:

A breathalyzer that measures recent use

The Hound® breathalyzer is the only tool to measure recent use in minutes and automatically store a second sample, providing better information about possible impairment.

"If marijuana is legal, that's one thing, but showing up to work impaired is something we need to know."

HR Executive, Wholesale Trade

Source: 2018 Hound Labs Survey

How do employers benefit from the Hound breathalyzer?

  • Makes workplaces safer

    Check employees in safety-critical roles to understand whether they are under the influence of recent marijuana use and at risk.

  • Provides better information

    Base disciplinary actions on an objective marijuana test that will only detect and measure recent marijuana use.

  • Supports new workplace drug policies

    Enforce changes to zero-tolerance policies that differentiate employees legally using marijuana off-hours from use of marijuana in the workplace.

  • Minimizes workers’ compensation costs

    Objectively determine recent marijuana use and follow insurance requirements for drug testing to create an impairment-free environment.

  • Effectively screens applicants

    Identify candidates who use marijuana immediately prior to drug tests rather than those who used it days or weeks prior to testing.

Key Features

  • Simple & Intuitive

    A few easy-to-follow steps result in both alcohol and marijuana breath measurements quickly.

  • Compact & Portable

    Carrying case contains everything needed for lab-quality analysis
    on location.

  • Fast Results

    THC test results are available in minutes and stored for future access. Test results can be printed immediately.

Hound Marijuana Breathalyzer showing case open and closed, and two breath sample cartridges
  • Durable

    The Hound breathalyzer withstands everyday use in the office and the field.

  • Single-Use Cartridge

    Individually packaged cartridges ensure reliable results and a sanitary process.

  • Split Sample

    Automatically captures two breath samples – one for immediate results and one for future analysis if required by drug-testing policies.

Hound Marijuana Breathalyzer showing case open and closed, and two breath sample cartridges