Foster safe and fair work environments in the era of cannabis legalization

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Federal Marijuana Rescheduling: The Employer Impact

The federal government is taking more steps to reclassify cannabis as a Schedule III drug. This decision may create an additional layer of complexity within employer drug testing programs.

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Hound Labs Blog Drug Test Cheating

Drug Test Cheating: Which Tests Present the Highest Risk

Drug test cheating is a significant issue, but not all drug tests are easy to beat. Here, we examine different sample types and discuss how to detect drug test cheating.
Hound Labs Blog Cannabis Use in Manufacturing

The Impact of Workday Cannabis Use in Manufacturing

Ensuring workplace safety is not just a legal obligation in the manufacturing industry – it’s a necessity. The rise in workday cannabis use poses new and complex risks for employers.
Hound Labs Blog Impairment

How a Misplaced Focus on Impairment Creates Risk + Financial Strategy Gaps 

When legislators or business leaders focus on impairment, they unfortunately limit employers from optimizing the real intent of drug testing – deterring workday drug use.
Hound Labs Blog THC Testing

Dropping THC Testing is Risky Business

Hound Labs’ CEO urges employers to confront the risks of workday marijuana use with cannabis breath testing.
Hound Labs Blog 4/20

Seven Ways to Confront Workday Cannabis Use

Marijuana now accounts for more than half of all positive drug tests. Whether you have a drug testing program, or are considering a new test type, 4/20 is a good reminder it’s time to act.
Hound Labs Blog Cannabis Laws

Why Workplace Cannabis Laws are Shaking Up Employer Drug Testing

Many California employers can no longer use urine and hair drug tests, but they can implement cannabis breath testing to help maintain safe, yet fair workplaces.
Hound Labs Blog security-sensitive

The Implications of Cannabis Use for Security-Sensitive Positions

Organizational risk management of security-sensitive roles is an emerging pillar for cyber-related teams, but mitigation strategies should extend throughout a company’s workforce.
Hound Labs Blog Employee Turnover 1200x628 1

5 Ways Cannabis Breath Testing Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Providing a detection window of 2-3 hours, cannabis breath testing can help reduce turnover and aid in employee recruitment, acquisition, and retention.
Cannabis Breath Testing

Lessons Learned from Onboarding Cannabis Breath Testing

The first clients to adopt cannabis breath testing gain a competitive edge – the chance to influence how that solution takes shape and gain a leg up in talent acquisition and retention.
Hound Labs Blog Reasonable Suspicion Testing

The Safety and Cost Benefits of Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Reasonable suspicion testing can help employers deter workday substance use, mitigate the risks of workplace incidents, and reduce costs related to recent use.
Hound Labs Blog Workday Cannabis Use

Survey Offers New Insights About Cannabis Use at Work

A new Hound Labs survey reveals that 48% of respondents admit to using marijuana at work. This blurring of lines between personal and professional boundaries underscores the need for urgent action.
Drug Testing in California Hound Labs Blog

Solving the Drug Testing Predicament in California

California drug testing is changing because of CA A.B. 2188. Hound Labs’ CEO explains why breath is the ideal solution to align with this law.