Foster safe and fair work environments in the era of cannabis legalization

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Fueling Progress: Adapting Cannabis Testing in the Energy Sector

Cannabis legalization is impacting the energy sector in several ways. Here’s how the industry can evolve its drug testing programs for today’s workforce.

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Risk and Safety Jaime Feinberg Hound Labs Blog

Meet the Expert: Jaime Feinberg, Vice President of Partnerships for Insurance, Risk, and Safety

Jaime discusses her passion for risk and safety management and her approach to helping drug testing customers navigate the challenges associated with legal cannabis.
Hound Labs Blog Cannabis Use

The Risky Connection Between Cannabis Use and Impairment

Employers who have relied on workplace THC testing as a risk mitigation tool now face new challenges, but breath testing is available to help detect and deter recent cannabis use.
Cannabis breathalyzer 

Cannabis Breathalyzer Advances New Era in Drug Testing Technology

Hound Labs ships the first commercial cannabis breathalyzer bringing forth a new era in drug testing solutions.
Cannabis testing policies

High Stakes in the Workplace: Redefining Cannabis Testing Policies

Five factors to consider for strengthening cannabis testing policies to emphasize deterrence, safety, and fairness.
Washington S.B. 5123

Top Ten Questions About Washington Senate Bill 5123

Everything you need to know about how Washington S.B. 5123 will impact hiring, employment, and policy concerns related to cannabis testing for the state’s employers.
Mike Lynn

Meet the Expert: Dr. Mike Lynn, CEO + Co-Founder of Hound Labs

In this edition of our ‘Meet the Experts’ series, Hound Labs’ CEO + Co-Founder shares insights about the origins of Hound Labs and the story behind introducing breath testing to the drug testing market.

Does Workplace Drug Testing Identify Impairment? 

Some new state cannabis laws are targeting impairment, but that’s anything but a clear standard. Here is what you need to know as an employer.
Cannabis legalization

First Came Cannabis Legalization, Now Comes Fairness

As access to cannabis has increased, so has the number of states enacting legislation to exclude some cannabis tests that detect non-psychoactive metabolites.
Breath testing

Part One: Breath Testing Burning Questions with Barry Sample, Ph.D.

World-renowned toxicology expert and Hound Labs’ scientific advisor, Dr. Barry Sample, discusses the science behind cannabis breath testing and its benefits.

New Law WA S.B. 5123 Will Protect Some Job Applicants From Discrimination Based on Off-Duty Marijuana Use 

Ogletree Deakins law firm discusses WA S.B. 5123, which limits some employers from making hiring decisions based on pre-employment testing for cannabis use.
Cannabis Testing

How to Make Workplace Cannabis Testing Fair for All

A workplace testing policy that relies on an objective measure for drug use supports fairness in the workplace and, ultimately, provides employers with protection against risks.
Cannabis Testing Policies

Risks to Consider When Modernizing Workplace Cannabis Testing Policies 

Many employers feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to modernizing workplace cannabis testing policies. Here are some risks to consider when evaluating program changes.