Foster safe and fair work environments in the era of cannabis legalization

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Thoughts on the Journey to Federal Cannabis Legalization

Senior Manager of Legal Affairs shares her takeaways from Capitol Hill, where national lawmakers discussed the road to federal cannabis legalization.

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CA A.B. 2188

Top Ten Questions About California A.B. 2188

Here’s what you need to know about a new law that provides workplace protections for recreational and medical marijuana users.
Detection window

Breath Testing: The Value of a Short Detection Window

A short cannabis detection window limits detection to the workday, helping employers balance workplace safety with employee recruitment and retention efforts.
Cannabis Impairment

Detection vs. Impairment: Why Objective Testing Matters

Implementing policies around impairment may cause employers to lose sight of the primary goal of workplace drug testing – detecting and deterring workday use.
Impairment Standard

The Difficulty of Defining a Cannabis Impairment Standard

Legalized cannabis and rising drug testing positivity rates are causing confusion for employers, especially when it comes to defining an impairment standard.
Cannabis Laws

Navigating the Tangled Web of State Cannabis Laws

It’s critical to know the differences in state cannabis laws and how they can affect employers’ workplace marijuana policies.
Cannabis legalization

Closing the Gap on Risk Mitigation Strategy

Cannabis legalization has created pain points for both carriers and their insureds – leaving questions about the unknown liability risk cannabis can have within the workforce.
Cannabis in the Workplace

Burning Questions: Cannabis in the Workplace

Employment attorneys from Ogletree Deakins provide insight into common questions they receive about cannabis legalization and workplace drug testing.
Psychological Safety

Can a Cannabis Breath Test Help Promote Psychological Safety?

Jaime Feinberg, VP of Partnerships of Insurance, Risk, + Safety, explores whether cannabis testing plays a role in enhancing psychological safety in the workplace.
CA A.B. 2188

California Passes Bill Protecting Employees’ Off-Duty Marijuana Use

Ogletree Deakins law firm discusses CA A.B. 2188 which aims to prevent discrimination based on an employee’s use of cannabis off the job and away from the workplace.
International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Meet the Expert: Tamanna Prashar, Chief Operating Officer

For International Day of Women + Girls in Science, our ‘Meet the Experts’ series focuses on the importance of including women in science + technology fields.
Cannabis testing policy

Recruit, Hire, Test, Repeat; How to Stop This Endless Cycle

Inadequate testing policies are failing employers and creating an endless loop of hiring efforts with poor results. Here’s what needs to change.
Cannabis Testing Trends

Part Two: 2023 Drug Testing Industry Trends 

Three more Hound Labs' experts forecast top cannabis testing trends in Part Two of our blog series.