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Director of Marketing

Louisa has been writing about recent cannabis use and cannabis breathalyzers for years. As one of Hound Labs’ first three employees, Louisa has been integral to helping tell the Hound Labs story. Over the last five years, Louisa has also worked to share the stories of those who have come to Hound Labs looking for a better solution for cannabis testing. Whether creating videos, developing presentations, organizing high-speed track events, or writing content, Louisa aims to represent a wide range of stories that reflect a variety of individuals who want to balance SAFETY + FAIRNESS™.

Louisa’s blogs cover the widest range of topics, from the history of drug testing to the most frequently asked questions.

National Cannabis Testing Day

Why 4/21 is Considered “National Drug Testing Day”

Getting drug tested on 4/21 could be a rude awakening for anyone who smokes cannabis on 4/20, but that doesn’t need to be the case.


Seasonal, Safety Sensitive, and in Need of a Solution

In early 2021, we went on-site with a company that owns and operates numerous safety-sensitive worksites across the U.S. to help them balance SAFETY+FAIRNESS™ for their first season since the pandemic began.


Top 5 Questions about the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER

You ask, and we will try to answer. This is the first in a series of blogs that answer the most frequently asked questions of the Hound Labs team.


A Brief History of Workplace Marijuana Testing: Today

What should employers do now that marijuana legalization has disrupted workplace drug testing that hasn’t really changed in 30 years?


A Brief History of Workplace Marijuana Testing: The Beginning

A tragic train crash over 30 years ago led Congress to pass laws that are the origin of today’s workplace drug testing.