Meet the Experts



Aaron brings nearly two decades of drug testing, healthcare, and marketing leadership experience to the team. Degrees in communications and business administration position him to bring a unique perspective on the business of marketing and the role it plays in assessing, anticipating, and communicating around the needs of the market. His work with our product management and sales teams helps ensure that product functionality, commercial strategies, and marketing messages work in concert.

Aaron’s blogs will focus on the details of the product, its use cases, and the data-driven insights rendered from results.



Don Boian is an accomplished technology leader and award-winning information security expert with more than 35 years of experience. Prior to joining Hound Labs, Don was a security leader and Chief Information Security Officer at a large regional bank. Spending 30 years at the National Security Agency (NSA), he held many leadership positions, including Associate Deputy Director for TechSIGINT and Ground Capabilities, Chief Mission Control Capabilities, Technical Director for the Chief of Operations US CYBERCOM, Signals Intelligence Directorate Cyber Lead, TAO Director of Operations, and Chief of the Remote Operations Center. Don retired as a Defense Intelligence Senior Executive, working both offensive and defensive cyber operations. He continues to be a cybersecurity consultant for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Active in the cybersecurity community, Don also currently serves on boards of the National Technology Security Coalition, Ohio Cyber Range Institute, Ohio Cyber Women, 4Privacy, and the Columbus Chapter of Cyversity.

Don’s blogs will focus on ways companies can implement a robust risk management and information security strategy to protect themselves, their customers, and partners from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.



Louisa has been writing about recent cannabis use and cannabis breathalyzers for years. As one of Hound Labs’ first three employees, Louisa has been integral to helping tell the Hound Labs story. Over the last five years, Louisa has also worked to share the stories of those who have come to Hound Labs looking for a better solution for cannabis testing. Whether creating videos, developing presentations, organizing high-speed track events, or writing content, Louisa aims to represent a wide range of stories that reflect a variety of individuals who want to support organizational strategies that prioritize fairness and promote safety.

Louisa’s blogs cover the widest range of topics, from the history of drug testing to the most frequently asked questions.

Sammie Dabbs

Chief Revenue Officer

Sammie is an energizing sales leader who drives multimillion-dollar revenue through partnerships with enterprise-level organizations across multiple industries. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Hound Labs, Sammie leads a team that effectively partners with clients to solve critical challenges related to balancing workplace safety with fairness.

She is an established leading drug testing solutions expert, having amassed a dozen years of experience building solutions within employment screening programs for Fortune 500 clients. She currently sits as President of the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) board of directors and was previously a board member of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA, which is now part of The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association). Sammie earned her MBA from the University of Redlands and studied communications and journalism at Cal State Fullerton, where she played four years of NCAA Division I softball.  

Sammie’s blogs explore the customer experience and unique industry perspectives when implementing the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER.

Steve Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

Steve’s career spans more than three decades, throughout which he’s built multiple industry-leading companies. Prior to joining Hound Labs, he led the rebuilding of Dataprise into the partner of choice among strategic mid-market IT buyers. As CEO of All Covered, he grew the company from a single office into the nation’s largest outsourced IT provider for small businesses.

Steve has founded and co-founded several companies, including Teneros, Pharmanex, and Generation Ventures. His early career includes a decade at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he consulted with Global 1000 executives, enabling them to gain competitive advantages through manufacturing, operations, and technology.

Steve holds undergraduate, Master of Science Engineering, and Master of Business Administration degrees from Stanford University.


Director of Content + Brand Strategy

Tricia is an award-winning writer and editor who brings nearly three decades of journalism and marketing experience to Hound Labs. A trained multi-media journalist turned visionary content strategist, Tricia has written and produced programming for high-profile networks like ESPN Radio, History Channel, and Hallmark Channel; contributed countless articles to editorial publications nationwide; and worked as a marketing and communications professional in a variety of industries, including background screening. Tricia holds a master's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and earned her undergraduate degree from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

Tricia’s blogs analyze current events and trends in cannabis legalization, workforce safety and fair testing practices for applicants and employees, drug testing, human resources, and employer compliance.