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Chief Information Security Officer

Don Boian is an accomplished technology leader and award-winning information security expert with more than 35 years of experience. Prior to joining Hound Labs, Don was a security leader and Chief Information Security Officer at a large regional bank. Spending 30 years at the National Security Agency (NSA), he held many leadership positions, including Associate Deputy Director for TechSIGINT and Ground Capabilities, Chief Mission Control Capabilities, Technical Director for the Chief of Operations US CYBERCOM, Signals Intelligence Directorate Cyber Lead, TAO Director of Operations, and Chief of the Remote Operations Center. Don retired as a Defense Intelligence Senior Executive, working both offensive and defensive cyber operations. He continues to be a cybersecurity consultant for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Active in the cybersecurity community, Don also currently serves on boards of the National Technology Security Coalition, Ohio Cyber Range Institute, Ohio Cyber Women, 4Privacy, and the Columbus Chapter of Cyversity.

Don’s blogs will focus on ways companies can implement a robust risk management and information security strategy to protect themselves, their customers, and partners from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

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Our Security Snapshot series will feature tips from Hound Labs’ CISO Don Boian on ways to reduce threats to business continuity due to cyber risks.