Cannabis Testing

Why Employers Should Keep THC in Drug Tests

Data shows some employers are discontinuing testing for cannabis. But at what cost? Here’s why some are already considering adding it back with technology that better isolates recent use.

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Hound Labs Blog Cybersecurity

Six Steps Healthcare Organizations Can Take to Mitigate Cyberattacks

Our Security Snapshot series will feature tips from Hound Labs’ CISO Don Boian on ways to reduce threats to business continuity due to cyber risks.

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Don’t Let the Term Breathalyzer Fool You

Pros and cons for using the term breathalyzer as a reference to the groundbreaking ultra-sensitive HOUND® MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER.

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Best Blogs* of 2021

* Best blogs written by the Hound Labs team in 2021, not to be confused with the best blogs written by bloggers who are candidates for blog industry awards such as the Bloggies or the BOBs (Best of Blogs) – the equivalent to an Oscar® or Grammy® for blog writers.

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How to Evaluate a Cannabis Breathalyzer?

Cannabis breathalyzers and breath testing technology at its core have varying capabilities and features – it is critical to understand what’s important when deciding which to select for your organization.

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You ask, and we will try to answer. This is the first in a series of blogs that answer the most frequently asked questions of the Hound Labs team.

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Why Testing with Human Subjects Matters

Since founding Hound Labs, Inc. in 2014, I worked with our team to prioritize “R&D” (research and development). A critical part of the research necessary to build a cannabis breathalyzer requires more than just lab simulations. To truly understand the effectiveness of our technology, we must continually test people – not lab rats.

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Approximately How Many Different Substances Does Human Breath Contain?

The unique characteristics of breath have fascinated the medical and scientific communities for years but building a deep understanding of breath requires advanced ultra-sensitive technology.

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CEO, Dr. Mike Lynn Shares His Perspectives on Creating a Cannabis Breathalyzer that Is Easy-to-Use

Hound Labs needed to shrink a piece of lab equipment about the size of a pony into a carrying case, maintain ultra-sensitivity, and ensure the solution was easy to use.

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The Challenges of Building a Cannabis Breathalyzer

A marijuana breathalyzer is 1 billion times more sensitive than an alcohol breathalyzer.

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