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More Than a Test: The Value of the Hound Labs Ecosystem

When Hound Labs introduced a new testing method for cannabis, we knew the solution would make waves. Our test introduced a new sample type (breath), a new detection window (only recent use), and a new scientific approach (measuring in parts per trillion) to the drug testing industry. Each of these groundbreaking elements became key components of the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER that’s now making its way into the hands of companies looking for a fair solution to test for cannabis in the era of legalization.

But we didn’t stop with a breath test. We also developed a suite of offerings connecting our nationwide network of customers and partners. When companies partner with Hound Labs, they not only advance cannabis testing within their respective industries, but they join a community designed to support testing programs with the resources they need to succeed. The entire process has been designed with employers, collectors, and employees in mind.


When Apple launched its first iPhone® in 2007, its massive following wasn’t simply an outcome of sleek equipment – even with the modern design it offered. The concept of a wirelessly-connected, technology-enabled smartphone was revolutionary; fueling initial consumer interest and the explosive growth that followed. The goal was to combine pre-existing mobile phone capabilities (voice calls) with internet (email) and multimedia functionality (text, picture, video) into a connected platform and put it in the palm of a person’s hand. Through the years, Apple has introduced an ecosystem of other products, features, and applications that continue to seamlessly integrate with one another.

Hound Labs has a similar goal in mind with our robust ecosystem. Designed to optimize the customer experience, our ecosystem provides a larger framework where customers can find deeper value in their partnership with Hound Labs. While the individual components of this ecosystem may be accessible through other outlets, we seek to bring the elements together under one umbrella with a new and different approach – making the drug testing experience a seamless blend of new technology, robust training, interactive instructions, program compliance, and accessible data.


At Hound Labs, our ecosystem is centered on an automated, analytical breath collection. Collections are simple for both collectors and employees and can be performed in nearly any setting in a matter of minutes. Breath collections are observed and standardized to ensure a consistent sample volume and accurate result every time. Breath is captured in a single-use cartridge for a no-mess, non-invasive experience. The entire process ensures objectivity and optimizes the validity of results.


Central to a connected platform are the integrations that keep data moving seamlessly between systems. The Hound Labs ecosystem is no exception. Built-in integrations enable the automated exchange of data across the continuum from the collection point to the lab result. Data is delivered automatically to the lab upon sample collection, and customers receive automatic updates with notifications of results. This seamless connection enables real-time information, reliable results, and an entirely paperless process.


Our goal at Hound Labs is to ensure the success of every individual who engages with our solution. Some users perform breath collections, while others may oversee testing programs, serve as system administrators, or manage test results from the lab. Whatever the role, the Hound Labs ecosystem includes a robust collection of online resources that are audience-specific, easy-to-use, and informative to the process. A growing library of assets such as a self-paced learning management system, collector training guide, industry insights, and frequently asked questions help ensure all users are well-trained and positioned for success.


Apple’s customer loyalty took shape early on as technology admirers recognized the benefits of an interactive home screen which facilitated navigation to its new features like web access and applications. Hound Labs has taken a similar approach to the breath collection process. The HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER features a smart base station equipped with a touchscreen that displays prompts throughout the collection process. We have combined the breath test, collection equipment, on-screen instructions, and lab integration into a single system-guided process. This intuitive, easy-to-follow, guided collection eases the burden on collectors and improves transparency for those being tested.


The final hallmark of the Hound Labs ecosystem is the cloud-based Retriever results portal. With Retriever, customers gain 24/7 access to order, view, and manage their breath test results. Upon initiation of sample collection, the base station provides real-time information to Retriever and populates a customer dashboard displaying the status of each collection. During sample analysis, Retriever integrates directly with the testing laboratory and displays a dashboard of test results. This convenient, user-friendly portal provides a one-stop shop for results management, order creation, collection status, results delivery, and data exports.


In workplace drug testing, the result – whether positive or negative – drives important decisions. But just as Apple’s iPhone taught us, it’s not just the piece of technology that matters, it’s how well it can improve upon previous iterations and make life better for the customer.  

With the introduction of the Hound Labs ecosystem, we are delivering more than just a new testing method. The ecosystem works to create a holistic customer experience by providing a new drug testing solution, connected technologies, integrated platforms, and a depth of resources for support, professional development, and training. As cannabis breath testing continues to expand, we look forward to sharing the journey with our customers and partners and gathering feedback on their experiences, success stories, and best practices along the way. 

To learn how you can access the benefits of the Hound Labs ecosystem, please contact our sales team here.

December 14, 2023