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Sharing Our Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Hound Labs loves the holidays. Whether it’s Labor Day, National Dog Day, Independence Day, or Thanksgiving, we know how to celebrate and acknowledge our blessings (and showcase a cool logo). And as part of our company culture, we often take intentional moments to discuss our values and mission and consider how our teams can deliver on those both professionally and personally.

This holiday season, a running theme in many of our circles is gratitude. We are inspired by this social experiment and want to share our own take on expressing gratitude. We’ve asked Hound Labs’ employees to share what they’re thankful for this season. We hope you are inspired by their stories.  

Sammie Blog
My “Giddo” and I posing for the paparazzi on Father’s Day this year.
Sammie Dabbs,
Executive Vice President, Sales

My “Giddo” (grandfather in Arabic) is the best advice-giver, storyteller, and still has a great golf putt at 94 years old.  

He is our family’s foundation for respect, optimism, and hard work. This Thanksgiving, I’m so grateful for my family, especially my Giddo, who built our foundation.  

Jessica Jonas,
Senior Events Manager

I am so grateful for the experience of international travel. In October, I was able to use my passport for the first time since 2019 to take an international trip. I am thankful for the support Hound Labs provides me in having enough time to experience new surroundings (and most importantly, new food) during this trip to Portugal. From the cities to the coastline to the mountainside vineyards, I was able to relax and enjoy this trip, made even more meaningful since it was my first time traveling internationally since COVID.

JJ Blog
Here I am standing in the city of Porto.

Linda Blog
Cameron receiving a clean bill of health from his infectious disease physician.
Linda Molyneux,
Chief Human Resource Officer

My son (who is now almost 24) was experiencing severe neck pain. The pain peaked the day after Thanksgiving in 2012 when he was 13. He spiked a high fever of 104 overnight so we took him to the Emergency Room the next morning. We were released with antibiotics and pain medication, but nothing changed. I would not give up. After days and days of visiting other doctors and undergoing lots of tests, we finally landed at Children’s Hospital of Oakland (CHO). The care team soon diagnosed my son with an abscess infection that somehow entered from the rear of his throat into his neck and was eating away at something called the Clivus bone, which is the smallest bone at the base of the skull.

He was rushed into surgery to remove the abscess, but in the process of the surgery, a tiny bit of bone broke off and lodged in his left jugular. He had to remain at CHO for a month on heavy intravenous antibiotics to “kill” that little part until he was released to go home on December 19th. He wore a neck collar for two months, and I was taught to administer the intravenous meds via his pic line at home. By March 2013 his scans showed significant improvement.

Suffice it to say that CHO saved my son’s life, and we are so very grateful he is a thriving, healthy, young man. He graduated from the University of Washington with highest honors in 2021 and is living an amazing life in Seattle. We are grateful every day to the doctors and nurses who cared for him.   

In honor of the care CHO provided our family, every year on December 19th, I deliver a huge load of books (last year was $3K worth) to the on-staff teachers to distribute to children there who are undergoing treatment. We believe books are an amazing “escape” from the stress of treatment and the scary environment in the hospital. It’s a very small way for us to try to give back to those who gave us something so precious.  

Sandra Moon,
Materials + Supply Chain Manager

I’m extremely grateful for my amazing parents, Dean and Dottie. They celebrated their 60th  wedding anniversary this year and are simply the best parents I could have asked for. They love unconditionally, even when some conditions could have applied. They provide so much support without judging even when they could. They love the outdoors, love to travel, love our family times, love their doggies, and just love the simple things in life.

Thank you is a very small phrase to convey my gratitude toward both of my parents, but I am still using it to say how lucky I am to be raised by two parents who are beautiful inside and out. Here’s to the rest of our lives and to our many tomorrows being EVEN BETTER than our yesterdays.   

Sandra Blog
A collage of photos of Dean and Dottie taken through the years.

Kate Blog
My husband Rob and I perched on the top of Buzzard Rock in Strasburg, VA.
Kate Neilson,
Director of Marketing Operations

I lived my first 21 years on the flat farmland of mid-Michigan before finding my way to the metropolitan mid-Atlantic. Last year, since my husband and I both have remote jobs, we were finally able to relocate to what is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Shenandoah Valley. Each day I am awed by the mountainous scenery, charmed by the small towns, and humbled by the history of this area. I am truly grateful to live in a place I feel so connected to. 

Brandie Reid,
Customer Solutions Manager

I am grateful for a lot of things in my life, my family and friends, my career, my fabulous colleagues here at Hound. But what I am most grateful for is my boys, Johnny and Ian. Not only do they keep me on my toes and make life interesting, but they are also my constant reminder of unconditional love. No matter what happens throughout their day, whether it was good or bad, they always make sure to tell me that they love me or that I am the best.

Brandie Blog
Johnny (left) and Ian (right) at the beach when we went on our last trip before school started.

Samantha Blog
The Schanz family. Photo credit: Anna Daniels Photography. 
Samantha Schanz,
Senior Partner Marketing Manager

I am thankful every day that I met my husband, and he gave me the opportunity to be a mother to three phenomenal children. He is my best friend and I always ask myself, “What did I do to deserve a guy like him?” He is that wonderful. I am thankful I get to watch our children grow, see them smile, and hear them laugh. I am thankful that I get to inspire their sense of adventure and exploration, guiding them to be the best versions of themselves. It is a privilege to watch them grow and to be their mommy. My family inspires me. They are the reason I am who I am today. I am thankful today and every day for the impact they have on my life. Gratitude is a way for each of us to embrace all that makes our lives truly unique.

Jessica Cohen Taubman,
Manager, Compliance + Legal Affairs

Last October I gave birth to our daughter, Jacqueline, six weeks early after developing severe preeclampsia despite no prior history of blood pressure concerns. A wonderful team of doctors and nurses at Johns Hopkins took amazing care of both me and our daughter, and after a brief stint in the NICU, she joined our family at home where we settled in as a family of four. We recently celebrated her first birthday and reflected on how lucky we are that she is the adorable, happy little girl she is today. She’s also creeping closer to being the same size as her big brother, so she’ll be calling the shots around here in no time. 

JCT Blog
Celebrating my daughter’s 1st Woodstock-themed birthday party with my children, Matthew and Jackie, and my husband, Daniel. 

Thank you to all our Hound Labs team members who shared their stories for this Thanksgiving gratitude blog. Click here to learn more about our company and our mission to develop research-backed, science-based solutions like the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER that increase global access to health and wellness. 

November 17, 2022

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