EAPs Have Never Been More Important

2022 New Year’s Resolution for Employers: Invest more in your EAP or create one as part of a comprehensive drug testing policy if you do not currently offer one.

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Cannabis Reform – Thoughts from Safety Professionals

As a safety professional, I often felt like an unsung hero. I knew I was making a difference, but I couldn’t always quantify the number of injuries and even deaths I prevented.


Best Blogs* of 2021

* Best blogs written by the Hound Labs team in 2021, not to be confused with the best blogs written by bloggers who are candidates for blog industry awards such as the Bloggies or the BOBs (Best of Blogs) – the equivalent to an Oscar® or Grammy® for blog writers.

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An Insurance, Risk, and Safety Perspective on Cannabis Testing

My September Q+A with Jaime is one of our most-read blogs. So, back by popular demand, Jaime Feinberg, Vice President of Partnerships – Insurance, Risk, and Safety for Hound Labs, Inc.

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How and When to Use Post-Hire Testing

Post-hire testing detects and deters on-the-job cannabis use while keeping personal choices private.

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Why Your Employees Like Hound Labs

Employees have been caught in a net of unintended consequences along with employers – trying to navigate the complex maze of federal and state cannabis legalization, combined with state employment and impairment laws.

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How to Evaluate a Cannabis Breathalyzer?

Cannabis breathalyzers and breath testing technology at its core have varying capabilities and features – it is critical to understand what’s important when deciding which to select for your organization.

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Seasonal, Safety Sensitive, and in Need of a Solution

In early 2021, we went on-site with a company that owns and operates numerous safety-sensitive worksites across the U.S. to help them balance SAFETY+FAIRNESS™ for their first season since the pandemic began.

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Social Equity and Cannabis Testing (Part 2)

Cannabis breath testing will help to usher in a new era of social equity in workplace drug testing with permanent changes that prioritize both safety and fair treatment of all employees.

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Breath Testing: Fairer Outcomes for Everyone

I have attended several conferences over the last couple of months and have noticed a new and recurring theme – social equity. I am excited that leaders in the drug testing and safety industries recognize the importance of these conversations and the need to examine and improve current practices.

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