Hound Labs Blog F.A.I.R. 2022

A F.A.I.R. Way to Start 2022

Adding a cannabis breathalyzer to your company’s drug testing programs will not only help you to maintain safety by deterring cannabis use during work hours, but it will also send a message to your employees that you value their safety while understanding their choices to legally use cannabis. Employers need a drug testing solution that recognizes the new legal landscape created by cannabis reform without sacrificing safety. Adding a cannabis breathalyzer such as the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER provides a Fast, Accurate, and Instrument-Read (F.A.I.R) way to test for cannabis in 2022 and beyond.


A cannabis breathalyzer provides on-location results within minutes of collecting a breath sample. This is good for employees and good for businesses. Employees want to avoid long wait times to learn the results of their tests. Most employees will test negative on all their drug tests – including cannabis tests. The Hound® solution provides objective results on location within minutes of sample collection, reducing the amount of time employers and employees wait around for results. Employees can return to work quickly with minimal disruption – a clear benefit for both employees and employers.


Testing breath for cannabis requires an exquisitely sensitive and technical solution that rivals the sensitivity and specificity of expensive laboratory analysis equipment without needing scientifically trained staff to administer it. As we have written about in previous blogs, the novel breath testing technology that allows the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER to measure the presence of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) in breath, has been designed to be both technically sophisticated to achieve unprecedented levels of detection and technologically automated to ensure accuracy and avoid human error. Cannabis breathalyzers are truly an incredible scientific achievement that will have far-reaching impacts beyond how companies approach drug testing because more people will be able to use a technology that for the first time self-calibrates, making it easy to collect a breath sample – all without the need for expensive laboratory equipment and trained scientific personnel.

This unique combination of cutting-edge scientific measurement and automation will allow managers to easily collect a breath sample and process results on site and will allow scientists to conduct novel research about diseases such as pneumonia, RSV, and Covid-19 without depending on highly trained personnel to process results. 

One way to think about the scientific and technological advancements of a cannabis breathalyzer is to imagine how long it took (88 years) for your great-grandparents to watch their favorite television series conveniently and automatically. In 1936, the first fully functional1 black and white television set was unveiled with limited programming. Now, they can stream their favorite high-definition series on a digital device from virtually anywhere.

Imagine if that technological advancement – sophisticated entertainment in a handheld form – only took eight years instead of 88. That’s what the R&D team at Hound Labs has accomplished: They have created a handheld, automated version of rapid breath testing technology that’s easy to learn and administer.


One of the many benefits of using the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER is the confidence you will have in obtaining objective results in minutes with the touch of a button. Automated processing and instrument-read results eliminate the possibility of biased interpretation. Employees will appreciate test results that are objective and free from potential subjectivity. The state-of-the-art automation also builds trust because the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER self-calibrates to ensure accurate processing of each breath sample.

F. A. I. R. IN 2 0 2 2

The tipping point in cannabis legalization has arrived as 183 million adults have legal access to cannabis, making zero tolerance drug testing policies increasingly impractical. Adding cannabis breath testing to your drug testing program is an effective way to balance SAFETY+FAIRNESS™ for both employers and employees. 

The Hound® cannabis testing solution is Fast, Accurate, and Instrument-Read. For more information on how cannabis breath testing meets the needs of employers searching for a new drug testing solution that keeps employees safe and stays within the bounds of cannabis reform legalization, watch our ON-DEMAND webinar: State Cannabis Laws and Trends for 2022.

January 27, 2022