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Introducing the Hound Labs Blog


Hound Labs has some of the country’s leading scientists and some of the best-known employer workplace drug testing industry veterans working to develop and bring to market cutting-edge technology. We have combined scientific talent with industry expertise to create the 1st on-site, easy-to-use breathalyzer for THC – the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER. However, for all of us at Hound Labs, it is about more than bringing a product to the market – it is about partnering with the business and law enforcement communities to navigate the challenges of maintaining safety while ensuring fairness. We want to facilitate conversations, advocate for change, and raise awareness about the ability to balance safety while recognizing adults’ legal access to marijuana.

Over the last 7 years, in addition to conducting 7500+ tests with marijuana users, we have also talked with thousands of companies and hundreds of industry leaders. We have had discussions with state and federal legislators, union leaders, community advocates, law enforcement, and countless others. We are writing this blog to share what we know about the importance of understanding recent marijuana use; what we have discovered through our research of breath testing for marijuana (and other minute particles); and how folks are working together to keep everyone safe while recognizing the widespread acceptance of marijuana use.


We are excited to foster conversations. The legalization of marijuana is causing fundamental shifts in drug testing. So, we are tracking the trends – the need for new technologies, the shift from zero tolerance to legal tolerance of marijuana, the focus on keeping employees, the evolution toward proactive policies like pre-access testing, and the desire to create policies that test non-safety-sensitive positions as well as safety-sensitive ones. We believe that there can be collective alignment as we all work to balance our collective safety with fairness.

MIKE LYNN, MD – CEO and Co-Founder

Mike co-founded the company on a simple idea – that science and technology can help create a marijuana breathalyzer that maintains safety while recognizing the changing legal landscape of cannabis use. 

He will blog about the science and technology that makes a marijuana breath test possible.  

JENNY LYNN – CMO and Co-Founder  

Jenny has had thousands and thousands of conversations about legal marijuana use and balancing SAFETY+FAIRNESS™. 

She will share the insights she has gathered from others – employers, employees, scientists, legislators, law enforcement, community advocates, marijuana policy advocates, and many others.   

DOUG BOXER – Chief, Policy and Strategy Initiatives

Doug is working to improve public policies to address safety and fairness by ensuring the use of breath testing to determine recent marijuana use. 

He keeps a finger on the pulse of public policy as it relates to recent-use testing. 

NINA FRENCH – President, Employer Solutions 

Nina is a recognized leader with 30 years of experience in a variety of roles in the employee drug testing and screening industry

She will blog about industry trends, employer policies, and operational procedures modified for recent-use marijuana testing, how breath testing can be added to an existing suite of conventional drug tests, and a wide variety of other topics. 

LOUISA ASHFORD – Senior Marketing Manager 

Louisa has been writing about recent marijuana use and marijuana breathalyzers for years. She has been integral to helping tell the Hound Labs story.  

Louisa will write about a broad range of topics and help us cover subjects of interest to our readers. 

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April 20, 2021