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Ask Dr. Lynn – How will employers use the Hound® marijuana breathalyzer?

Employers will use the Hound® marijuana breathalyzer because it is a more fair marijuana drug test. Dr. Mike Lynn provides examples of how a marijuana breathalyzer will provide better information to employers.


Ask Dr. Lynn – What differentiates a marijuana breathalyzer from other drug tests?

Dr. Lynn outlines the difference between testing breath vs. other body fluids such as oral fluid (saliva), blood, urine, and hair.


Ask Dr. Lynn – What is the science behind the Hound® marijuana breathalyzer?

Dr. Mike Lynn, CEO and Co-Founder of Hound Labs, describes some of the scientific challenges the company overcame to create the Hound breathalyzer.


Ask Dr. Lynn – Why do employers need a marijuana breathalyzer?

Now that marijuana use is legal in many states, employers need a way to distinguish very recent use from past use.


Ask Dr. Lynn – Why shouldn’t I drive high?

Dr. Mike Lynn gives a firsthand account of the devastation driving impaired can cause, and calls for more public education about the dangers of stoned driving.


Testing drivers for cannabis is hard. Here’s why

“We aren’t measuring impairment, we’re measuring THC in breath where it lasts a very short period of time, providing objective data about THC in breath to law enforcement and employers to use in conjunction with other information they have gathered,” said Hound Labs founder Mike Lynn, an emergency room doctor, reserve deputy sheriff and venture capitalist.”


Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana and Illicit Drugs Among Persons Aged ≥16 Years

The increased use of marijuana and some illicit drugs in the United States along with the results of this report, point to the need for rapid and sensitive assessment tools to ascertain the presence of and impairment by marijuana and other illicit drugs.  View the full article here >


Hound Labs Announces Results from Second Clinical Study with the University of California, San Francisco

Data Confirms Hound Labs’ Ability to Capture Unprecedented Low Levels of THC in Breath

using scientific testing to establish drug detection times for marijuana

How Long Can Marijuana be Detected in Drug Tests?

Several drug testing methodologies exist today, and they all detect past usage of marijuana over different time frames.