Roundtable: Detection vs. Impairment + Cannabis Breath Testing Benefits


Legalized cannabis and rising drug testing positivity rates are causing confusion and complexities for employers. In this roundtable discussion, we’ve brought three industry experts together to share how cannabis legalization is reshaping workplace drug testing from their respective areas of expertise – employer risk and safety, science and technology, and employment law.

Robin Schelling manages the global substance prevention program for Chevron, one of the world’s largest oil and gas operators. She has compiled nearly three decades of experience in the safety, environmental, and health disciplines, and currently holds the Board of Certified Safety Administration (BCSP) credentials for Certified Safety Professional and Safety Trained Supervisor.

Dr. Barry Sample, Ph.D., is a renowned consultant in forensic and analytical toxicology, anti-doping, and workforce drug testing with more than 40 years of experience in leading science and technology initiatives. Dr. Sample sits on Hound Labs’ Scientific Advisory Board as Senior Science Consultant. 

Faye Caldwell is the founding partner at Caldwell Everson, a leading employment law firm based in Houston, Texas. Ms. Caldwell represents clients across the drug testing industry in litigation and contested proceedings, including collectors, employers, Medical Review Officers, and Third Party Administrators.

Key takeaways include:

  1. The difficulty of defining an impairment standard for cannabis
  2. Risks associated with waiting for or relying on an impairment standard 
  3. The disconnect between workplace drug testing and impairment
  4. The benefits of using a recent use THC test as a risk mitigation tool 

Moderator information:

Aaron Atkinson is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Hound Labs, Inc. He brings nearly two decades of drug testing, healthcare, and marketing leadership experience to the team. Degrees in communications and business administration position him to bring a unique perspective on the business of marketing and the role it plays in assessing, anticipating, and communicating around the needs of the market. 

Aaron Atkinson

SVP of Marketing at Hound Labs, Inc.