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President of Employer + Law Enforcement Solutions

Nina is a recognized leader with 30+ years of experience in the screening industry. She has a deep understanding of drug testing program design, policies, and technologies and is a frequent speaker at conferences. In addition to working directly for one of the leading drug testing service providers, Nina co-founded a consulting firm that provided drug testing industry expertise to hundreds of clients.

Nina’s blogs not only cover industry trends, but also specifics related to employer policies and operational procedures that may need to be modified in the era of cannabis legalization. She writes about the importance of cannabis testing and the need to test for recent cannabis use; how breath testing can be added to an existing suite of conventional drug tests; how to create a comprehensive drug testing program that is both effective and fair; and a wide variety of other topics.

Cannabis Testing

Accentuate the Negative, Deter the Positive

Conventional cannabis testing methods and outdated policies in the era of cannabis legalization are contributing to an upside-down effect of non-negative results.

Cannabis Testing

Much Ado About Detection

Originally designed to detect and deter workplace drug use, the evolution of testing programs has resulted in a limited scope which decreases its efficacy.

Post-hire drug testing

Overhauling Workplace Cannabis Testing Policies

Overhauling workplace cannabis testing policies is imperative if companies want to future-proof their operations, maintain safety, and retain employees.

Workplace Drug Testing

The Unexpected Costs of Drug Use in the Workplace

How do a bathroom scale and a fitness app relate to a successful and sustainable drug testing program? By preventing unexpected surprises.

Safety Sensitive

What Determines if a Position is Safety Sensitive?

Modernizing the definition of safety sensitive is critical for employers when maximizing the benefits of their drug testing program.

Chain of Custody

Specimen Custody and Control – A Critical Component in Workplace Testing

Custody and Control of a specimen are critical to supporting the defensibility of a workplace drug test; however, many people just consider it pesky paperwork.


EAPs Have Never Been More Important

2022 New Year’s Resolution for Employers: Invest more in your EAP or create one as part of a comprehensive drug testing policy if you do not currently offer one.


How and When to Use Post-Hire Testing

Post-hire testing detects and deters on-the-job cannabis use while keeping personal choices private.


Social Equity and Cannabis Testing (Part 2)

Cannabis breath testing will help to usher in a new era of social equity in workplace drug testing with permanent changes that prioritize both safety and fair treatment of all employees.


Breath Testing: Fairer Outcomes for Everyone

I have attended several conferences over the last couple of months and have noticed a new and recurring theme – social equity. I am excited that leaders in the drug testing and safety industries recognize the importance of these conversations and the need to examine and improve current practices.