Meet The Expert


President of Employer & Law Enforcement Solutions

Nina is a recognized leader with 30 years of experience in the screening industry. She has a deep understanding of drug testing program design, policies, and technologies and is a frequent speaker at conferences. In addition to working directly for one of the leading drug testing service providers, Nina co-founded a consulting firm that provided drug testing industry expertise to hundreds of clients.

Nina’s blogs not only cover industry trends, but also specifics related to employer policies and operational procedures that may need to be modified in the era of cannabis legalization. She writes about the importance of cannabis testing and the need to test for recent cannabis use; how breath testing can be added to an existing suite of conventional drug tests; how to create a comprehensive drug testing program that is both effective and fair; and a wide variety of other topics.

How and When to Use Post-Hire Testing

Post-hire testing detects and deters on-the-job cannabis use while keeping personal choices private.


Social Equity and Cannabis Testing (Part II)

Cannabis breath testing will help to usher in a new era of social equity in workplace drug testing with permanent changes that prioritize both safety and fair treatment of all employees.


Breath Testing: Fairer Outcomes for Everyone

I have attended several conferences over the last couple of months and have noticed a new and recurring theme – social equity. I am excited that leaders in the drug testing and safety industries recognize the importance of these conversations and the need to examine and improve current practices.


Could Testing Breath for Cannabis Help Avoid a Catastrophic Safety Accident?

In the last 5 years, there has been a 60% increase in the number of employees getting high at work – according to an EHS Today article, High Reliability Organizations anticipate and respond to avoid catastrophic safety risk.


Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders and Cannabis Use

Not many people will deny road safety is critical and that cannabis drug testing is part of that safety equation; however, many people are now rightly questioning the use of urine and oral fluid tests for this application.


Rethinking Pre-Access Testing

Pre-access testing is flexible, cost effective, and well suited for workplace drug testing programs in the era of cannabis legalization.


A Negative Marijuana Test Result Might Be More Important Than a Positive One

With increased legalization and acceptable use of marijuana, positive oral fluid, urine, and hair test results no longer provide as much value.


Marijuana Positivity Rates: What Do They Really Mean?

Recent reports indicate that marijuana positivity rates are rising, but is this really cause for alarm?