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Pot Breathalyzer Hits the Street

Pot breathalyzer hits the street

“The technology, if all goes according to plan, will be welcomed by both sides of the pot legalization debate, those who fear drugged drivers and reformers outraged that pot users in some jurisdictions are subjectively detained and forced to undergo blood tests that don’t prove impairment, especially in frequent users.” -Read full article.

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CPS excited by innovations for detecting drug-impaired driving

“There is a huge amount of interest in what we’re doing and that part has been really quite gratifying,” he said. “Now we’re working as hard as we can and as fast as possible to get the tools out there.” –Read the full article.

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Study: No science in testing for marijuana use in drivers

“The officials behind Hound Labs see education as an equally important piece of halting stoned driving. There is a lot of misinformation out there — with some groups even suggesting marijuana has no impact on driving safety.” -Read the full article.

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How high is too high?

“The first generation will not measure [edibles], but we will be able to measure that down the road,” said Lynn, whose company, called Hound Labs, is one of several worldwide trying to create a usable device.” – Read full article

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This invention could address a serious marijuana concern

“..if all goes well (which is the expectation of its CEO Mike Lynn), they’ll be in the hands of law enforcement and interested consumers by late 2016. Clinical testing will involve legal medical marijuana patients at the University of California, Berkeley’s campus…” – Read full article

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This state could become the first to legalize marijuana without a ballot initiative

“As we examined last week, Hound Labs is in the process of testing a breathalyzer that can measure THC content in a user, which, if approved, could wind up helping law enforcement in a big way by getting impaired drivers off the roads and ensuring law enforcement doesn’t arrest non-impaired drivers.” – Read full article

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