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The HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER is the world's first ultra-sensitive solution for detecting and measuring recent cannabis use in breath. Unlike traditional cannabis drug tests such as oral fluid, blood, urine, or hair tests, a breath test distinguishes recently used THC that remains in breath for only a few hours before it disappears.

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The HOUND® MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER will initially ship in limited quantities. Joining the Wait List does not guarantee the product will be available to purchase in 2022. You will receive email updates regarding estimated ship dates.

For use solely in law enforcement, employment, and insurance settings. Not for any medical or therapeutic use or for use with any Federal drug testing program.

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Employers Are Saying

"If marijuana is legal that's one thing but showing up to work impaired is something we need to know.”

Wholesale Trade

“We can’t wrongly arrest people for crimes that get overturned because of wrongful determination.”

Law Enforcement

“Too many times in my career have I seen valuable experienced employees be reluctantly let go because of outdated beliefs that do not fit our new culture. This product would truly help.” 


“It would help us in this transition time of legal vs. non legal (marijuana use) and still remain fair to employees." 

Wholesale Trade

“On site breathalyzer testing would save money and be more efficient and effective therefore protecting our company and promot(ing) safety within our workforce.” 

Hospitality & Food

“Since we don’t have a policy restricting marijuana use outside of work, but do have one while on the job, this tool could help us greatly.” 


“We need the trust of the public.” 

Law Enforcement

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The HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER can be used by employers, law enforcement agencies, and for insurance purposes.  

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You can join the Wait List by completing this online form. Wait List orders are not binding. By completing this Wait List form, you agree to receive regular email updates. You may unsubscribe at any time but doing so will remove you from the Wait List.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No. We will contact you when you have an opportunity to purchase a HOUND BREATHALYZER.

When can I join?

Eligible organizations can join the Wait List now.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for the HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER varies based on the volume of cartridges purchased. Specifics will be provided as part of the contracting process and developed based on details provided on the Wait List form.

When will units be available?

We will keep you updated on product availability. Reserving a place on the Wait List does not guarantee availability in 2022.