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VP of Partnerships for Insurance, Risk, and Safety

Jaime brings a unique combination of experiences to Hound Labs including a career that spans almost two decades as a safety professional for Fortune® 500 companies. Most recently, Jaime worked in the insurance and risk industry as VP of Risk Control for insurance provider Captive Resources, Inc. In addition to her work experience, Jaime has a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) and currently serves on the impairment advisory board for the National Safety Council.

Her blogs will cover topics related to safety, risk, and insurance and will reflect the perspectives and knowledge she has gained from her public health training.  

Cannabis Testing Policies

Risks to Consider When Modernizing Workplace Cannabis Testing Policies 

Many employers feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to modernizing workplace cannabis testing policies. Here are some risks to consider when evaluating program changes.

Cannabis legalization

Closing the Gap on Risk Mitigation Strategy

Cannabis legalization has created pain points for both carriers and their insureds – leaving questions about the unknown liability risk cannabis can have within the workforce.

Psychological Safety

Can a Cannabis Breath Test Help Promote Psychological Safety?

Jaime Feinberg, VP of Partnerships of Insurance, Risk, + Safety, explores whether cannabis testing plays a role in enhancing psychological safety in the workplace.

Organizational Change

Swaying Organizational Change

Swaying organizational change can seem as difficult as baking a perfect loaf of bread. But with our easy-to-follow recipe, employers everywhere are bound to be successful.


Can I Be Blunt? Three Things to Keep in Mind on 4/20

In 1971, five teens met up weekly at 4:20 to search for illicit cannabis. In doing so, they created a “high” holiday, observed by millions today as 420.


Cannabis Reform – Thoughts from Safety Professionals

As a safety professional, I often felt like an unsung hero. I knew I was making a difference, but I couldn’t always quantify the number of injuries and even deaths I prevented.