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Senior Content + PR Manager

Casei is a communication specialist with years of experience collaborating with B2B technology organizations to communicate their story with key audiences. With a degree in Strategic Communications and previous experience as a Production Supervisor at a leading public relations firm, Casei has a proven track record of driving thought leadership. Over the years, she has secured coverage in numerous top-tier business publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Fortune.

She has a specialized focus on how employers can use human resource and risk management technologies to develop enhanced workplace policies that create safer and more diverse workplaces.

Casei’s blogs cover topics related to client success and balancing SAFETY + FAIRNESS™ within the workplace.

Workplace cannabis testing

Reduce the Scare Factor of Cannabis Testing with the Right Policy

Halloween is supposed to be fun, but when an employee uses cannabis, it may come back to haunt them if their company hasn’t updated its workplace testing policy.

Cannabis Policy

Focusing Competing Priorities When Each Workplace Leader is Right

Cannabis legalization is causing competing priorities among workplace leaders. Whose viewpoint should be the priority when each leader’s view has merit?