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The Cannabis 42.0

“For the past couple of months, Forbes has interviewed dozens of industry analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners, poring over sales data and financial documents to come up with a list of entrepreneurs and changemakers who have an outsized influence. Here are the pioneers to watch in the green gold rush.”


‘World’s First’ Marijuana Breathalyzer Nearly Ready

“The ‘Hound’ breath test utilizes single-use cartridges and could provide a result in 20 minutes.”

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GUEST ESSAY: 6 steps any healthcare organization can take to help mitigate inevitable cyber attacks

“Focusing on or revisiting these six cybersecurity basics will help reduce your risks and strengthen your defense.”

U.S. Naval Institute Hound Labs Print News Article

Is the Navy Ready for the “Green Wave”?

“The Navy needs to partner with companies like Hound Labs to ensure its commands have the right tools to make on-scene assessments of individuals’ condition.”

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Here are the top 16 cannabis startups set to raise millions and take off in 2022, according to investors

“Hound Labs says it develops tools and technologies to offer ‘solutions for some of the leading public health and safety issues’ surrounding cannabis, including breathalyzers.”


Windows of impairment and detection

“In many states, employees have the legal right to use recreational cannabis,” Lynn says. “Someone could smoke at a barbecue on a Saturday, and risk testing positive [for THC in their blood] on Monday morning.” And their urine and hair would test positive for weeks.”


Marijuana Breathalyzers Are on the Road to Becoming Reality

“For the first few hours after you light up or eat an edible, a breathalyzer can detect the THC that is transferred from the bloodstream and into the lungs — just like alcohol.”

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Fleets ramping up training on marijuana impairment

“A lot of our non-regulated fleet employers are having to make hard decisions about either eliminating marijuana from their drug-free testing program or eliminating drug testing altogether just to get candidates through the door”


Impairment testing lags behind state cannabis legalization

“‘The difference with the test and the reason why it’s groundbreaking, is it has a window of detection that lasts only a few hours,’ said Doug Boxer, the company’s chief of policy and strategic initiatives.”


Responsible Vs. Reckless Weed Use: This THC Breathalyzer Knows The Difference

“Having a device that can distinguish recent marijuana use will help police officers determine the right course of action and will make users more careful when ingesting THC and getting behind the wheel.”