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Workplace Drug Testing and Solutions Expert Sammie Dabbs Joins Hound Labs, Inc. as Vice President of Employer Sales

Company Builds Expertise to Meet Needs of Both Employers and Drug Testing Partners

OAKLAND, Calif. – April 13, 2020 – Hound Labs Inc., creator of the first marijuana breathalyzer, announced today that Sammie Dabbs – an experienced sales and business development professional in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry – has joined the Hound Labs team as Vice President of Employer Sales. Dabbs will bring her wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and client insight to build a sales team focused on solutions for employers and drug testing partners.

Prior to joining Hound Labs, Dabbs spent nine years at Advanced Workplace Strategies, Inc. (AWSI) – A DISA Company. During her tenure with AWSI, she worked with clients to help them build solutions for their drug and alcohol testing programs to better serve their employees while also meeting business goals. Dabbs has been helping customers navigate the myriad of local policies and state laws that allow the legal use of medical and recreational marijuana. She understands the challenges they face as they evolve their drug and alcohol testing policies to balance workplace safety with employee fairness.

“In my conversations with clients over the past few years, I’ve heard growing concerns about the need for better information about employee marijuana use,” stated Dabbs.

“Employers are seeing an increase in marijuana positivity rates and are looking for solutions that help them understand the increase – whether their employees are using outside of work hours or whether they are using during work hours. Ultimately, employers want to balance safety and fairness and in order to do that, they need to understand who used marijuana recently.”

Sammie Dabbs, Vice President of Employer Sales,
Hound Labs, Inc.

Dabbs is the latest expert from the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry to become a member of the Hound Labs team, joining just two months after Senior Vice President of Employer Solutions, Nina French. As employers continue to express their need for a drug test that can identify recent marijuana use, both Dabbs and French bring a deep understanding of exactly how clients need to adapt their drug testing programs so they can retain employees who use marijuana outside the workday. Current drug tests that rely on blood, urine, and hair to measure marijuana in the body simply cannot isolate recent use.

This gap in testing technology forces employers to make employment decisions based on tests that are positive even though employees may have used marijuana days, weeks, and possibly months before testing.

“I have worked with Sammie for years, and she has established an impressive reputation within the employer drug testing space,” said Nina French.

“She understands how complicated workplace drug testing can be for employers now that marijuana is legal to use in 34 states. Sammie will have an immediate impact on the Hound Labs team and be valuable to employers seeking a solution.”

Nina French, Senior Vice President of Employer Solutions,
Hound Labs, Inc.

Charter customers will use the initial commercial versions of the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER.

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