Both Hound Labs solutions use the same core breath technology to efficiently capture human breath samples and measure minute concentrations of particles in breath. This core technology can be easily adapted to many applications that require measurement of particles in picograms (parts per trillion) – such as detecting disease and biomarkers for various illnesses.


The HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER is portable and provides test results in minutes on location. The HOUND COVID-19 BREATHALYZER was created to meet the needs of hospitals and clinics. The company created the form factor of the COVID-19 solution specifically with patient care in mind. The product can easily be wheeled from room to room and contains additional space for batteries and supplies to enable the rapid testing of many people without the need for re-supply. The COVID-19 breathalyzer results will be processed in a lab until development is complete on a point-of-care product.

The first phase of product development has been focused on demonstrating the ability to collect breath samples from patients on location (both hospital and outpatient settings) in order to measure COVID-19. The ultimate goal is to develop a point-of-care solution to provide rapid on-site results for the measurement of COVID-19 levels in breath.

Hound Labs has received funding from the state of New York to further develop the HOUND COVID-19 BREATHALYZER. NY shares Hound Labs’ goal of developing ultra-sensitive technology for non-invasive breath measurement and additional self-collection capabilities with rapid point-of-care results. Hound Labs continues to work with New York and is also in conversations with other entities to scale research and development.

Hound Labs will continue to conduct research with the HOUND COVID-19 BREATHALYZER and will work with strategic partners to conduct large-scale clinical studies to further uncover the implications of measuring COVID-19 breath. In addition, Hound Labs will bring the commercial version of the HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER to market this year.


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