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Employers Share Concern About Marijuana Legalization, Regardless of State or Industry

Hound Labs conducts national survey about employer attitudes toward marijuana legalization

OAKLAND, Calif. — February 13, 2018 — Today, Hound Labs Inc. announced findings from its national Marijuana in the Workplace survey conducted with 742 U.S.-based employers across both safety-sensitive and non-safety-sensitive industries. In aggregate, the results showed that 82 percent of employers are concerned about the impact of marijuana legalization, regardless of the legal status of marijuana in their state. Industry-specific responses show that more than 85 percent of employers in safety-sensitive industries and over 70 percent of employers in industries with minimal safety risks worry about the impact of marijuana legalization on workplace safety, lost productivity, and increased workers’ compensation costs.

More than 60 percent of employers have modified or plan to modify drug testing policies relating to marijuana use. The fundamental challenge for employers is that legacy methods of marijuana testing – including oral fluid, blood, and urine – measure the presence of THC long after safety-impacting effects subside and thus do not enable employers to only test for recent marijuana use.

“THE HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER provides the best information about recent marijuana use.”

– Jenny Lynn, co-founder of Hound Labs

“Employers absolutely want to maintain a safe and productive work environment,” said Jenny Lynn, Co-Founder of Hound Labs. “However, legacy drug testing methods cannot identify employees who have used marijuana recently or during work hours. Employers need new tools to identify recent marijuana use. They do not want to monitor whether an employee used marijuana at home the weekend before testing. THE HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER provides the best information about recent marijuana use.”

Additional details from the Hound Labs national survey can be found on the company’s website.

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Hound Labs, Inc. develops advanced breath testing technologies to address leading public health and safety issues. The Company’s flagship product is the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER, an ultra-sensitive, analytical test that identifies active THC molecules in breath. Breath testing introduces the drug testing industry’s shortest cannabis detection window, giving employers a practical and objective solution to detect and deter recent use. By limiting cannabis detection to use occurring before or during the workday, test results empower employers to maintain safe workplaces, improve hiring and retention efforts, and maintain fairness in the workforce. Founded in 2014, Hound Labs is headquartered in Fremont, California. BenchmarkEECIcon VenturesIntrinsic Capital Partners, NFP VenturesTuatara Capital, and individual investors have funded the Company. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn @HoundLabs, Inc.