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Marijuana Breathalyzers Are on the Road to Becoming Reality

“For the first few hours after you light up or eat an edible, a breathalyzer can detect the THC that is transferred from the bloodstream and into the lungs — just like alcohol.”

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Fleets ramping up training on marijuana impairment

“A lot of our non-regulated fleet employers are having to make hard decisions about either eliminating marijuana from their drug-free testing program or eliminating drug testing altogether just to get candidates through the door” [Darren Beard, Kansas City, Missouri-based senior loss control consultant at Lockton Cos. LLC.] View the full article here >

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Impairment testing lags behind state cannabis legalization

“‘The difference with the test and the reason why it’s groundbreaking, is it has a window of detection that lasts only a few hours,’ said Doug Boxer, the company’s chief of policy and strategic initiatives.” View the full article here >

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Marijuana Legalization, Testing and Impairment​

Marijuana Legalization, Testing and Impairment By Nina M. French and Doug Boxer As more states legalize marijuana use, employers, providers and legislators grapple with the interplay between legal use, impairment and safety risks at work. The drug testing programs that employers have historically used as an effective deterrence and detection tool are no longer useful…


Responsible Vs. Reckless Weed Use: This THC Breathalyzer Knows The Difference

“Having a device that can distinguish marijuana use from other types of behaviors will help police officers determine the right course of action and will make users more careful when ingesting THC and getting behind the wheel.” View the full article here >

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THC Breathalyzers May Be Coming Soon, To A Police Station Near You

“Dr. Lynn said the purpose of the device is to “maintain safety while recognizing many employees have the right to legally use marijuana.” View the full article here >

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