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Bloomberg Law HL

California Bosses Must Prove Workers Are High Under New Pot Law

“Standard drug tests detect metabolites in urine and hair, the result of the breakdown of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) molecules that can stay in one’s system for several days or, in some cases, weeks.”


Five Ways Cannabis Breath Testing Can Improve Employee Retention

“A cannabis breath test provides a mutually beneficial way for employers to maintain a safe work environment and for employees to be treated fairly during the era of cannabis legalization.“

Security Today

Expanding Safety-Sensitive Roles to Address Cyberattacks

“The users of your information technology, including employees, are often the weakest point of your security – unless they are educated and made aware of the threats.”

Morning Brew 1

Tech companies are racing to crack the code of marijuana testing

“Hound Labs, perhaps the most recognizable name in new marijuana testing tech, has developed a Breathalyzer-like device to detect THC down to the parts per trillion for a few hours after someone consumes marijuana.”


Cannabis Reform – Thoughts from Safety Professionals

“Unsurprisingly, cannabis legalization has complicated how safety professionals across the country balance the need for safety with the goal of fairness. However, I am hopeful these difficult discussions will lead to improved outcomes as companies realize that by using new breath technology, they can maintain safety, ensure objectivity, and continue fair workplace practices of testing both safety‐sensitive and non‐safety‐ sensitive employees.”


Expanding the Definition of Safety for Today’s Workplace

“While it is impossible to be 100% safe from cyberattacks, organizations can reduce their vulnerability by thoroughly training employees, strengthening current policies, and developing new policies.”