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How Does Legalization of Marijuana Impact Employers?

“Are we trying to prove whether or not our candidate or our employees are impaired? And the answer is: No. That is not why you drug test in the workplace. You drug test in the workplace because it is a proven risk mitigation tool.”


Morning Brew Hound Labs

Tech companies are racing to crack the code of marijuana testing

“Hound Labs, perhaps the most recognizable name in new marijuana testing tech, has developed a Breathalyzer-like device to detect THC down to the parts per trillion for a few hours after someone consumes marijuana.”


Expanding the Definition of Safety for Today’s Workplace

“While it is impossible to be 100% safe from cyberattacks, organizations can reduce their vulnerability by thoroughly training employees, strengthening current policies, and developing new policies.”


Legal marijuana has states scrambling to get cops roadside tests for weed-impaired drivers

“Hound Labs, a company based in Oakland, California, said it has developed a breath test that can measure whether a person has used cannabis in recent hours — a key piece of the puzzle in determining whether a motorist was impaired or simply had remnants of the drug in their system.”


The Cannabis 42.0

“For the past couple of months, Forbes has interviewed dozens of industry analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners, poring over sales data and financial documents to come up with a list of entrepreneurs and changemakers who have an outsized influence. Here are the pioneers to watch in the green gold rush.”


‘World’s First’ Marijuana Breathalyzer Nearly Ready

“The ‘Hound’ breath test utilizes single-use cartridges and could provide a result in 20 minutes.”