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Law enforcement officers face new challenges

  • With recreational cannabis use legal in more than 23 states and Washington, DC, more people now drive under the influence.

    A 2017 survey by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) found that over 50% of the (marijuana) users reported consistently driving high in the past 30 days.

  • Existing roadside drug tests cannot identify recent cannabis use.

    Oral fluid tests measure residual THC which can be present for up to 72 hours after marijuana use — long after safety-impacting effects subside.

  • Officers need better information at the roadside about recent cannabis use.

    Using a breathalyzer to measure THC in breath provides the best data.

The Solution:

The world’s first breathalyzer to measure recent cannabis use

The HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER gives law enforcement an objective way to determine if a driver has recently used cannabis.

"We can't wrongly arrest people for crimes that get overturned because of wrongful determination."

Law Enforcement Officer

Source: 2018 Hound Labs Survey


  • Be confident in the accuracy of results

    Measure THC in breath with an easy-to-use solution that matches the sensitivity of sophisticated lab equipment.

  • Gain public trust

    Use objective data about recent marijuana use – the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER does not measure marijuana use from days or weeks earlier.

  • Houndlabs_bloodneedle_x

    Use a less-invasive test

    Collect samples without touching body fluids such as oral fluid, blood, and urine.

  • Preserve evidence

    Automatically store a tamper-evident second sample for analysis at a later date.

Key Features

  • Simple + Intuitive

    A few easy-to-follow steps provide results in minutes.

  • Compact + Convenient

    Carrying case contains everything needed for lab-quality analysis on-location.

  • Accurate Results

    THC test results are available and stored for future access. 

  • Durable

    Tested by law enforcement, the HOUND® solution withstands everyday use in the field.

  • Single-Use Cartridge

    Single-use, tamper-evident cartridges yield no-mess collections.

  • Temperature Controlled

    Automatic cooling and heating mechanisms ensure accurate and reliable performance across a wide temperature range.