May 22 - 24, 2018

Members of the Hound Labs executive team met with industry veterans to discuss the ultra-sensitive Hound Breathalyzer.

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Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2018

Hound Labs and Triple Ring Technology have been conducting research in the development of the Hound marijuana breathalyzer. Triple Ring Technology scientists shared an overview of the breakthrough breath measurement technology at Pittcon 2018. In addition, the team discussed the ultra-sensitive measurement technique that has been validated against gold-standard mass spectrometers.

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Feb 2 -3, 2018

CEO and co-founder Dr. Mike Lynn presented Hound Labs’ research findings on the impact of indoor and outdoor smoking on THC levels in breath. Hound Labs is the first to examine this environmental impact and observe significant differences in actual THC levels, but no material differences in THC duration in breath.


Jan 21 - 25, 2018

Hound Labs developed a proprietary scientific method to not only detect THC in breath but also to measure it in parts per trillion (picograms). University of California, San Francisco Clinical Chemistry Fellow, Y. Ruben Yo, PhD, presented data confirming the sensitivity of the Hound marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer and the need to measure below 5 pg/L THC in breath.