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How Does Legalization of Marijuana Impact Employers?

“Are we trying to prove whether or not our candidate or our employees are impaired? And the answer is: No. That is not why you drug test in the workplace. You drug test in the workplace because it is a proven risk mitigation tool.”


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Director of Business Development at Hound Labs joins Morning Meeting

People have to realize it’s not legal to drive impaired, period. […] While you or I may not do it, it’s the person in the car behind us or in front of us that is driving stoned who is going to pose a problem to us and our families.

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The California Report: January 3, 2018

Both [blood and urine] can provide evidence that you’ve been using marijuana — so if possession or use is illegal, then the police might have a case. But if you’re in one of the 29 states that, along with Washington D.C., allow some of kind of pot use, then it’s impairment while driving they’re after.

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Dr Mike Lynn of Hound Labs talks about this company’s marijuana breathalyzer and his efforts to make it a useful tool for law enforcement.

Determining whether someone is impaired from marijuana and thus unsafe to drive is challenging. A new marijuana breathalyzer uses scientific advances to measure THC breath within the past few hours, the time period in which the federal government claims is indicative of impairment. Listen to audio here. 

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Friday’s Morning Meeting – Interview with Jenny Lynn, Co-Founder of Hound Labs

Skip to 2:35:40 to hear Jenny Lynn, Co-Founder of Hound Labs, explain the origination of the company and how testing for recent marijuana use in breath is key to determining driving impairment. -Listen here

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Radio Interview: Boston Herald Radio with Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs, Inc.

“Really the challenge that states have had is to find a method that actually shows impairment. Because if you look at other ways to test for marijuana – blood tests, saliva tests, urine tests and whatnot – those are easy to show marijuana, but the problem is that they don’t tell you whether somebody has…

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