Webinar Recording

7 Ways to Implement Cannabis Breath Testing

Marijuana accounts for more than half of all positive drug tests, and our latest in-house study indicates 53% of individuals who use cannabis during or before work admit to using daily. A recent use breath test can help employers reduce the risks associated with workday cannabis use. Whether you have an established drug testing program, or are considering onboarding a new test type, it’s time to act.

In this webinar recording, longtime drug testing industry leaders Vince Bonomo and Aaron Atkinson will introduce you to groundbreaking cannabis breath testing and provide seven actionable ways you can implement this recent use testing solution to help lower your exposure to risk.

Key takeaways include:

  1. Benefits of workday cannabis breath testing
  2. Ways to implement a breath test in the workplace
  3. Value of breath testing for both the employer and employee
  4. Considerations for updating policies to incorporate breath testing

Meet our presenters:

Vince brings over 30 years of experience in the employment screening industry with a focus on developing and managing comprehensive workplace substance and occupational health testing program solutions. He has extensive experience with managing enterprise substance testing programs with both private and federal (DOT) programs.

Vince Bonomo

Senior Business Development Manager

Aaron Atkinson

Executive Vice President of Marketing

Aaron Atkinson brings nearly two decades of drug testing, healthcare, and marketing leadership experience to the team. Degrees in communications and business administration position him to bring a unique perspective on the business of marketing and the role it plays in assessing, anticipating, and communicating the needs of the market. His work with our product management and sales teams helps ensure that product functionality, commercial strategies, and marketing messages work in concert.