Webinar Recording

Cannabis Testing by the Numbers

Numbers don’t lie, but without the right context, numbers can be misleading. This is especially true when it comes to data associated with workplace cannabis testing. Plenty of data surrounds the legalization, use, and treatment of cannabis in the workplace. But not all data may be relevant to an organization’s goals.

Understanding where data comes from, how it’s interpreted, and what key information employers need can help drive better business decisions. In this webinar recording, we guide you through a series of data and discuss what it means for your business. One SHRM credit is available and will be given at the end of the recording.

Key takeaways include:

  1. How data sets are interpreted and presented
  2. How employers’ actions influence data sets – and vice versa
  3. How to use data to help inform business decisions
  4. Why, in the era of cannabis legalization, recent use matters for employers seeking to mitigate risks

Meet our presenters:

Aaron Atkinson brings nearly two decades of drug testing, healthcare, and marketing leadership experience to the team. Degrees in communications and business administration position him to bring a unique perspective on the business of marketing and the role it plays in assessing, anticipating, and communicating the needs of the market. His work with our product management and sales teams helps ensure that product functionality, commercial strategies, and marketing messages work in concert.

Aaron Atkinson

Executive Vice President of Marketing, Hound Labs

Ashlyn Hazard

Business Analyst, Hound Labs

Ashlyn Hazard has extensive experience in research, data management, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and a broad understanding of the workplace drug testing industry. Ashlyn helps cultivate Hound Labs’ analytical capabilities, leads the discovery and presentation of new insights, and manages market research outputs. Prior to joining Hound Labs, she managed and led the business data analytics team for Quest Diagnostics. Ashlyn is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Business.