Our Mission

Our goal is to not only develop cutting edge science and technology
to address impaired driving, but also to champion the national
dialogue about marijuana-impaired driving.

About Us

The issue of impaired driving is complicated because there is no accurate device on the market today to detect and measure recent marijuana use. Although measuring THC in blood, urine, or saliva is relatively easy, this type of testing doesn't distinguish recent use from chronic use. Frequent marijuana users often will have elevated levels of THC in their systems even if they haven't smoked marijuana in several hours and are therefore unlikely to still be impaired. Only large, expensive, specialized detection tools can consistently measure THC to determine levels of recent use.

Hound Labs, Inc. has created the world’s first dual marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer to detect and measure recent marijuana and alcohol use in breath. Working with senior scientists, law enforcement, and researchers, the company developed a patent-pending technology using a combination of chemistry, physics, and engineering. This novel approach resulted in the incredibly efficient and responsive technology required to measure THC in breath – a method that is more than one million times more sensitive than what is used to measure alcohol in breath today.

“Developed at UC Berkeley, trials on Hound Labs’ new technology will begin early next year at UC San Francisco. That’s when Alameda County sheriff’s deputies will begin carrying the prototypes of the firm’s handheld device to conduct voluntary roadside tests.”
~ San Francisco Chronicle

“Our ability to measure THC in breath really should shift the national dialogue from one about simply detecting if THC is in someone’s body to a conversation where standards can be developed that reflect actual impairment,” said Lynn.
~ The Toronto Sun

“Mike Lynn of Hound Labs Inc. stands at the intersection of people who want more answers regarding pot and driving. Lynn also is an Oakland, Calif., emergency room doctor, a reserve deputy sheriff and a clinical faculty member at the University of California-San Francisco.”
~ The Denver Post

“Lynn, who has some experience investing in biotech companies, is also a reserve deputy sheriff for Alameda County. Together these experiences led him to wonder if technology might play a role in preventing accidents caused by drivers under the influence of marijuana. No puritan, Lynn also wants to make sure law-abiding weed smokers won’t get in trouble for the wrong reason.”
~ The Atlantic

“We need to identify those people that shouldn’t be driving. This is about saving lives and preventing tragedies,” Lynn said. “The guy that smoked yesterday and didn’t get behind the wheel, that’s not the person we’re focused on at all.”
~ Philly.com

“It’s not as if every breathalyzer will be replaced overnight [but] it will completely change the ability to recognize stoned drivers,” he says, “[and] our technology also will prevent the wrongful arrest of people who have some THC in their system but are not impaired.”
~ US News

“Hound Labs said last week that it had found an accurate way to measure THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis – within one or two blows… The idea is to replace a complicated assortment of blood and urine tests that can take days to produce a result and cannot distinguish between recent and chronic use.”
~ The Washington Post

“The path to creating a breath test has not been simple or easy. Lynn said THC is found in quantities “somewhere between a million and a billion times less concentrated” than alcohol in breath.”
~ National Journal

“Responsible stoners agree on one thing: lighting up before you get behind the wheel is a bad idea. There hasn’t yet been sufficient research to determine for sure whether legalization in the U.S. has resulted in a higher incidence of car crashes. However, it’s well-known that being high slows reaction time, makes drivers more likely to weave between lanes, and effects motor skills – all things you, and your fellow motorists, want to avoid.”
~ Civilized

“Other companies have touted the ability to detect marijuana through the breath in products currently in testing, but Mr. Lynn says his product will be the first to give precise measurements in picograms — measurements of one trillionth of a gram — that can be used to determine a person’s current level of intoxication from smoking marijuana.”
~ The Washington Times

About Hound Labs, Inc.

Hound Labs, Inc. is a scientific device company that developed the first technology to rapidly, accurately, and inexpensively detect and measure the levels of both marijuana and alcohol in a person’s breath. Dr. Mike Lynn, an ER physician, reserve deputy sheriff, and former venture capitalist and Mr. Kuni Oh, a patent attorney with deep technical background in engineering and science co-founded the Oakland-based company in 2014.

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