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I-Team Exclusive: The Marijuana Test

This is totally different than all the other measurement devices out there, saliva, blood urine and what not. Only breath allows you to determine that somebody smoked in the last couple of hours,’ says Lynn.   View the full article now >

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Can a breath test smoke out stoned drivers?

Lynn argues breathalyzers solve the problem because of a neat relationship. The two-to-three-hour window of impairment – which he points out is what has been cited by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – aligns with how long THC can be detected in breath. Read More

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Stoned Drivers Help Oakland Company Test Marijuana Breathalyzers

To test out the marijuana breathalyzer, Lynn said Hound Labs has conducted hundreds of tests, even going so far as to recruit drivers to smoke weed and drive through an enclosed, monitored test track. -Read Full Article

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Hound Labs High-Speed Track Test, June 2017

Hound Labs conducted high-speed driving tests on a track to observe drivers under the influence of marijuana and to analyze the relationship between THC breath levels and driving impairment.

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Hound Labs, Inc. Conducts High-Speed Track Tests with Stoned Drivers

First Tests to Measure THC in Breath of Drivers and to Evaluate Driving Performance on a Custom-Designed Course

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TV News: Stuart Varney of Fox Business News interviews Mike Lynn

“What we’re doing for the first time is providing the tools to allow researchers and law enforcement to actually study this problem effectively.” Watch the latest video at

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Radio Interview: Boston Herald Radio with Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs, Inc.

“Really the challenge that states have had is to find a method that actually shows impairment. Because if you look at other ways to test for marijuana – blood tests, saliva tests, urine tests and whatnot – those are easy to show marijuana, but the problem is that they don’t tell you whether somebody has…

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