Cannabis Policy

Focusing Competing Priorities When Each Workplace Leader Is Right

Cannabis legalization is causing competing priorities among workplace leaders. Whose viewpoint should be the priority when each leader’s view has merit?

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Can I Be Blunt? Three Things to Keep in Mind on 4/20

In 1971, five teens met up weekly at 4:20 to search for illicit cannabis. In doing so, they created a “high” holiday, observed by millions today as 420.

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Hound Labs Blog Colorado cannabis legalization

10 Years of Cannabis Reform: Where Do We Go Next?

Looking back a decade later, the lack of cannabis education continues to create serious risks and blind spots for employers, employees, and communities.

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Chain of Custody

Specimen Custody and Control – A Critical Component in Workplace Testing

Custody and Control of a specimen are critical to supporting the defensibility of a workplace drug test; however, many people just consider it pesky paperwork.

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Hound Labs Blog The Benefits of Drug Testing Remote Workers

The Benefits of Drug Testing Remote Workers

As companies continue to accommodate more employees working from home, they must adapt how they approach many processes and policies – including drug testing.

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Could Testing Breath for Cannabis Help Avoid a Catastrophic Safety Accident?

In the last 5 years, there has been a 60% increase in the number of employees getting high at work – according to an EHS Today article, High Reliability Organizations anticipate and respond to avoid catastrophic safety risk.

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Impacts of Cannabis Legalization: Insights from the Insurance Industry

An interview with Jaime Feinberg, Vice President of Risk Control with Captive Resources, LLC (CRI) – insurance consultants who empower best-in-class companies to seize control of their insurance programs, lower costs, and develop safer workplaces.  

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Windows of impairment and detection

“In many states, employees have the legal right to use recreational cannabis,” Lynn says. “Someone could smoke at a barbecue on a Saturday, and risk testing positive [for THC in their blood] on Monday morning.” And their urine and hair would test positive for weeks.”

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Think Twice Before Abandoning Cannabis Testing

Guest Contributor Christine M. Jensen shares that despite short-term challenges, the best long-term strategy for employers and employees is to continue cannabis testing.

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Rethinking Pre-Access Testing

Pre-access testing is flexible, cost effective, and well suited for workplace drug testing programs in the era of cannabis legalization.

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