Cannabis legislation

2022 Legislative Update #1: Cannabis Legalization

While nothing is a sure bet when following the politics of cannabis, there are several states we have our eyes on in 2022. Here’s a breakdown of what cannabis reform legislation could be on the horizon.

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Could Testing Breath for Cannabis Help Avoid a Catastrophic Safety Accident?

In the last 5 years, there has been a 60% increase in the number of employees getting high at work – according to an EHS Today article, High Reliability Organizations anticipate and respond to avoid catastrophic safety risk.

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Think Twice Before Abandoning Cannabis Testing

Guest Contributor Christine M. Jensen shares that despite short-term challenges, the best long-term strategy for employers and employees is to continue cannabis testing.

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A Negative Marijuana Test Result Might Be More Important Than a Positive One

With increased legalization and acceptable use of marijuana, positive oral fluid, urine, and hair test results no longer provide as much value.

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Marijuana Positivity Rates: What Do They Really Mean?

Recent reports indicate that marijuana positivity rates are rising, but is this really cause for alarm?

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A Brief History of Workplace Marijuana Testing: Today

What should employers do now that marijuana legalization has disrupted workplace drug testing that hasn’t really changed in 30 years?

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A Brief History of Workplace Marijuana Testing: The Beginning

A tragic train crash over 30 years ago led Congress to pass laws that are the origin of today’s workplace drug testing.

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Impairment testing lags behind state cannabis legalization

“‘The difference with the test and the reason why it’s groundbreaking, is it has a window of detection that lasts only a few hours,’ said Doug Boxer, the company’s chief of policy and strategic initiatives.”

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Marijuana Legalization, Testing and Impairment​

As more states legalize marijuana use, employers, providers and legislators grapple with the interplay between legal use, impairment and safety risks at work. The drug testing programs that employers have historically used as an effective deterrence and detection tool are no longer useful when addressing marijuana.

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Why Test for Recent Cannabis Use?

In the era of cannabis legalization, it is important to understand “When” someone used cannabis, not just “If.”

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