Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders and Cannabis Use

Not many people will deny road safety is critical and that cannabis drug testing is part of that safety equation; however, many people are now rightly questioning the use of urine and oral fluid tests for this application.

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Think Twice Before Abandoning Cannabis Testing

Guest Contributor Christine M. Jensen shares that despite short-term challenges, the best long-term strategy for employers and employees is to continue cannabis testing.

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A Negative Marijuana Test Result Might Be More Important Than a Positive One

With increased legalization and acceptable use of marijuana, positive oral fluid, urine, and hair test results no longer provide as much value.

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Marijuana Positivity Rates: What Do They Really Mean?

Recent reports indicate that marijuana positivity rates are rising, but is this really cause for alarm?

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A Brief History of Workplace Marijuana Testing: Today

What should employers do now that marijuana legalization has disrupted workplace drug testing that hasn’t really changed in 30 years?

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A Brief History of Workplace Marijuana Testing: The Beginning

A tragic train crash over 30 years ago led Congress to pass laws that are the origin of today’s workplace drug testing.

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Impairment testing lags behind state cannabis legalization

“‘The difference with the test and the reason why it’s groundbreaking, is it has a window of detection that lasts only a few hours,’ said Doug Boxer, the company’s chief of policy and strategic initiatives.” View the full article here >

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The Challenges of Building a Cannabis Breathalyzer

A marijuana breathalyzer is 1 billion times more sensitive than an alcohol breathalyzer.

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Why Test for Recent Marijuana Use?

In the era of cannabis legalization, it is important to understand “When” someone used marijuana, not just “If.”

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Introducing the Hound Labs Blog

The latest from the industry leaders and scientists working to help balance SAFETY+FAIRNESS™ in the era of cannabis legalization.

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