Best Blogs* of 2021

* Best blogs written by the Hound Labs team in 2021, not to be confused with the best blogs written by bloggers who are candidates for blog industry awards such as the Bloggies or the BOBs (Best of Blogs) – the equivalent to an Oscar® or Grammy® for blog writers.

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Cannabis Reform: Many Steps Forward and Few Steps Back

In summary, the year 2021 has been one of the more interesting years in cannabis reform in recent memory.

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Looking Deeper at the Legal Effects of Cannabis Legalization

An interview with John Thomas, employment lawyer at McGuireWoods, who advises employers on countless legal issues, litigates on their behalf, and understands how cannabis legalization continues to impact both employers and employees.


Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders and Cannabis Use

Not many people will deny road safety is critical and that cannabis drug testing is part of that safety equation; however, many people are now rightly questioning the use of urine and oral fluid tests for this application.

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Federal Cannabis Reform Bill Could Provide Clarity

It is becoming increasingly difficult for employers and employees to navigate the complex maze of state laws legalizing cannabis.

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A Primer for Future Cannabis Legalization

Connecticut’s cannabis legislation will have profound and immediate implications – impacting employers and employees in legal and non-legal states.

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Cannabis legalization update

Cannabis Reform Is Now Everywhere – Even in the Conservative South

It’s no secret that cannabis legalization has become more and more commonplace in recent years – not only where you might expect it.

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2021 On Pace to Be the Most Active for Marijuana Legalization

In just the first quarter of 2021, the legislators in three states approved adult use of cannabis.

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