Cannabis Policy

Focusing Competing Priorities When Each Workplace Leader Is Right

Cannabis legalization is causing competing priorities among workplace leaders. Whose viewpoint should be the priority when each leader’s view has merit?

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Hound Labs St. Patrick's Day

Why a Negative Test Result is Good Luck for Employees and Employers

Employees may hope the luck of the Irish kicks in for a drug test. The Hound® solution supports workers’ legal choices and takes the stress out of drug testing.

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Hound Labs Blog The Benefits of Drug Testing Remote Workers

The Benefits of Drug Testing Remote Workers

As companies continue to accommodate more employees working from home, they must adapt how they approach many processes and policies – including drug testing.

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Windows of impairment and detection

“In many states, employees have the legal right to use recreational cannabis,” Lynn says. “Someone could smoke at a barbecue on a Saturday, and risk testing positive [for THC in their blood] on Monday morning.” And their urine and hair would test positive for weeks.”

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Fleets ramping up training on marijuana impairment

“A lot of our non-regulated fleet employers are having to make hard decisions about either eliminating marijuana from their drug-free testing program or eliminating drug testing altogether just to get candidates through the door”

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Impairment testing lags behind state cannabis legalization

“‘The difference with the test and the reason why it’s groundbreaking, is it has a window of detection that lasts only a few hours,’ said Doug Boxer, the company’s chief of policy and strategic initiatives.”

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Marijuana Legalization, Testing and Impairment​

As more states legalize marijuana use, employers, providers and legislators grapple with the interplay between legal use, impairment and safety risks at work. The drug testing programs that employers have historically used as an effective deterrence and detection tool are no longer useful when addressing marijuana.

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Avetta, Hound Labs partner with world’s first on-site test for recent marijuana use

Hound Labs’ solution is a key method to help both employees and companies maintain safety in all areas of the supply chain. Companies now have an accurate way to determine whether or not employees recently used marijuana prior to coming to the job site.

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The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyzer May Be A Game Changer

“The invention could be a game-changer for law enforcement and employers to address marijuana safety concerns without unjustly accusing people who are using cannabis responsibly.”

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Ask Dr. Lynn – How does the Hound® breathalyzer balance safety and fairness?

Watch Dr. Lynn explain why a marijuana breathalyzer is a fairer drug test in the era of legalization.

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