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This ER doctor is about to debut the first marijuana breathalyzer, and he’s already raised $35 million from investors including the creator of ‘Law & Order’

THC is present in extremely low concentrations in breath. […] “It came down to finding the needle in 10,000 haystacks,” said [Mike] Lynn. View the full article here >

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A Hound for Weed

“We finally have a tool to identify drivers who are actually stoned—and also to make sure we don’t arrest people who legally smoked pot the night before and are not stoned,” [Hound Labs CEO and co-founder, Dr. Mike Lynn] said. Read More

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Hound Labs Inc. Has Created The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyzer

“As I wrote last week in my article regarding the approval of cannabis in Amsterdam, places that permit cannabis are now enacting laws forbidding people under the influence of cannabis to drive. In order to control this, the breathalyzer was created to test for alcohol. Now, Hound Labs, Inc. has created the world’s first cannabis…

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Friday’s Morning Meeting – Interview with Jenny Lynn, Co-Founder of Hound Labs

Skip to 2:35:40 to hear Jenny Lynn, Co-Founder of Hound Labs, explain the origination of the company and how testing for recent marijuana use in breath is key to determining driving impairment. -Listen here

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Inverse covers the marijuana breathalyzer development race

Inside the Marijuana Breathalyzer Arms Race

Inverse Covers The Marijuana Breathalyzer Development Race “We want this to work,” she said. “We want to make sure the wrong people aren’t wrongfully arrested.” Read More

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The marijuana breathalyzer: When will it hit the streets?

“It’s really that combination of making sure we get the right people off the road and, at the same time, not arresting people that aren’t impaired,” Lynn said. -Read full article.

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