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The Pot Breathalyzer Is Here. Maybe

“But Lynn claims the company has overcome the technical and scientific hurdles and can accurately measure THC in breath molecules in parts per trillion. That’s ‘kind of like putting together more than a dozen Olympic size swimming pools and saying, “Hey, go find those 10 specific drops of water and in those 10 pools put…

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The California Report: January 3, 2018

Both [blood and urine] can provide evidence that you’ve been using marijuana — so if possession or use is illegal, then the police might have a case. But if you’re in one of the 29 states that, along with Washington D.C., allow some of kind of pot use, then it’s impairment while driving they’re after.

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Legal marijuana creates an industry for new breathalyzers

“The problem is really figuring out who is actually stoned — shouldn’t be behind the wheel or in the cockpit of an airplane, or in an operating room in the hospital — versus who has THC — the active ingredient in marijuana — just floating around in their system,” Mike Lynn said. Read More

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