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Times, They Are A-Changin

The once-standard policy advice for employers – simply state that your company does not allow the use of marijuana because it is still a Schedule I drug and still illegal under federal law – no longer applies.


Marijuana breathalyzer repurposed to spot COVID-19

“A lab is getting creative when it comes to tracking the coronavirus, converting a breathalyzer used to detect marijuana into one that detects COVID-19.”

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Weed breathalyzer may nab COVID ‘super-spreaders’

“A breathalyzer developed to find molecules of THC – the psychoactive chemical in marijuana – is being repurposed to test for the novel coronavirus on patients’ breath.”

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What’s the science behind a THC breath-test getting a $300k pilot program in Oklahoma?

“I am very aggressive in that I’m trying to make our medical program the best medical program in the country,” [Rep. Scott] Fetgatter said. “I’m tired of listening to ‘what does Colorado do or California or Oregon.’ I want people to say ‘What is Oklahoma doing? How are they getting it right?’”

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Oklahoma To Test Marijuana Breathalyzer In DPS Pilot Program

“Cannabis experts said early data shows that this technology will help identify drivers who consumed marijuana within a few hours of behind the wheel. One lawmaker said it could help those who would fail a traditional sobriety or blood test.”

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The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyzer May Be A Game Changer

“The invention could be a game-changer for law enforcement and employers to address marijuana safety concerns without unjustly accusing people who are using cannabis responsibly.”

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