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The Pot Breathalyzer Is Here. Maybe

“But Lynn claims the company has overcome the technical and scientific hurdles and can accurately measure THC in breath molecules in parts per trillion. That’s ‘kind of like putting together more than a dozen Olympic size swimming pools and saying, “Hey, go find those 10 specific drops of water and in those 10 pools put…

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Police: Driving while high on marijuana is a ‘growing problem’

“While officers rely on road side field sobriety tests, Oakland based Hound Labs has developed a [handheld] marijuana breathalyzer that measures the amount of THC in someone’s breath.” -Read Full Article

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Pot Breathalyzer Being Tested by Oakland Firm Could Be the Standard for Law Enforcement

“Since blood tests don’t tell how long THC has been in a person’s system, [Dr. Lynn] is helping develop a marijuana breathalyzer test.” -Read Full Article

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‘Drive baked, get busted’?
Law enforcement says reality looks different

“‘Science needs to come to our aid,’ Snyder said. ‘We need some help.’ The California company Hound Labs might have done just that by developing a breathalyzer test for marijuana.” -Read Full Article

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Driving High: The Search for a Pot Breathalyzer

“Mass spectrometry has been the gold standard for making laboratory measurements on breath samples because of the tool’s extreme sensitivity. But, because mass spectrometry devices are large, expensive instruments – table-top or even larger – they’re not practical to take into the field. That’s why, Heanue says, Hound Labs developed a technique that is portable…

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Can a breath test smoke out stoned drivers?

Lynn argues breathalyzers solve the problem because of a neat relationship. The two-to-three-hour window of impairment – which he points out is what has been cited by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – aligns with how long THC can be detected in breath. Read More

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