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Driving High: The Search for a Pot Breathalyzer

“Mass spectrometry has been the gold standard for making laboratory measurements on breath samples because of the tool’s extreme sensitivity. But, because mass spectrometry devices are large, expensive instruments – table-top or even larger – they’re not practical to take into the field. That’s why, Heanue says, Hound Labs developed a technique that is portable…

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Can a breath test smoke out stoned drivers?

Lynn argues breathalyzers solve the problem because of a neat relationship. The two-to-three-hour window of impairment – which he points out is what has been cited by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – aligns with how long THC can be detected in breath. Read More

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Researchers Race to Devise a Roadside Test for Driving While High

Part of the circuit involved a simulated cyclist popping out of nowhere, as cyclists sometimes do, and, Lynn reported, “all of them hit that cyclist when they were stoned, and most of the time, they didn’t even know they’d hit him.” -Read Full Article


Stoned Drivers Help Oakland Company Test Marijuana Breathalyzers

To test out the marijuana breathalyzer, Lynn said Hound Labs has conducted hundreds of tests, even going so far as to recruit drivers to smoke weed and drive through an enclosed, monitored test track. -Read Full Article

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Breathalyzers and brain caps: Researchers race to devise a roadside test for driving while high

Both [blood and urine] can provide evidence that you’ve been using marijuana — so if possession or use is illegal, then the police might have a case. But if you’re in one of the 29 states that, along with Washington D.C., allow some of kind of pot use, then it’s impairment while driving they’re after.…

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A California Company Believes It Has Invented a Viable Marijuana Breathalyzer

Without a standardized test for marijuana DUI, officers will be handcuffed on what they can do, no matter what they might suspect. -Read Full Article

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