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What’s the science behind a THC breath-test getting a $300k pilot program in Oklahoma?

“I am very aggressive in that I’m trying to make our medical program the best medical program in the country,” [Rep. Scott] Fetgatter said. “I’m tired of listening to ‘what does Colorado do or California or Oregon.’ I want people to say ‘What is Oklahoma doing? How are they getting it right?’” View the full…

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Oklahoma To Test Marijuana Breathalyzer In DPS Pilot Program

“Cannabis experts said early data shows that this technology will help identify drivers who consumed marijuana within a few hours of behind the wheel. One lawmaker said it could help those who would fail a traditional sobriety or blood test.” View the full article here >

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The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyzer May Be A Game Changer

“The invention could be a game-changer for law enforcement and employers to address marijuana safety concerns without unjustly accusing people who are using cannabis responsibly.” View the full article here >

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New device could soon be used to help police catch stoned drivers

“Hound Labs’ goal is a practical, fair solution, that works just like the breathalyzers you have seen used on television.” View the full article here >

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Good Question: Is a new weed breathalyzer coming to New York?

“Dr. Mike Lynn says it’s much like a dog’s nose, which inspired the company’s name Hound Labs.” View the full article here >

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Testing drivers for cannabis is hard. Here’s why

“We aren’t measuring impairment, we’re measuring THC in breath where it lasts a very short period of time, providing objective data about THC in breath to law enforcement and employers to use in conjunction with other information they have gathered,” said Hound Labs founder Mike Lynn, an emergency room doctor, reserve deputy sheriff and venture…

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