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Hound Lab’s pot breathalyzer tested by Alameda County Sheriff’s Office to catch impaired drivers

“Marijuana is legal, as is alcohol,’ said Hound Labs’ Mike Lynn. ‘But we’re not allowed to drink beer and drive, and there’s an absolute reason why people are not allowed to smoke pot and drive.” View the full article here >

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A marijuana breathalyzer? New tech could be used in Ohio

“Having a marijuana breathalyzer that — for the first time — can focus on those people who have used pot in the last few hours, it transforms the ability in a fair way to determine who’s potentially impaired and who isn’t.” View the full article here >

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Companies hawk breathalyzer-like devices for roadside marijuana testing

“’We don’t want to know what you did a week ago, or two weeks ago, because it doesn’t impact your impairment today,’ said Warren Tolman, director of business development for Hound Labs.” View the full article here >

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Cops want to know who’s driving while stoned. Tests are being developed, but level of impairment after smoking weed is still hard to measure.

The difficulty with [blood testing] is police typically need a judge’s approval for a search warrant, and then need a trained phlebotomist to draw the blood, a process that can easily take a couple of hours. By then, studies show, most of the THC in blood has already dissipated, even though the person may still…

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Marijuana drug test in works; could be relief for employers

“The thing that’s groundbreaking about this test is it can distinguish recent use from historic use,” Mr. Boxer said. “An employee in many states has a legal right to use cannabis.” View the full article here >

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That last toke for the road could be a downer with pot breathalyzers coming

“A test like that would frankly make sense,” Armentano [deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws] said. “Just like we wouldn’t allow employees to have a couple drinks and show up to work.” View the full article here >

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