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I-Team Exclusive: The Marijuana Test

This is totally different than all the other measurement devices out there, saliva, blood urine and what not. Only breath allows you to determine that somebody smoked in the last couple of hours,’ says Lynn.   View the full article now >

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Marijuana breathalyzer aims to detect high drivers ‘without unjustly accusing’

“A 2017 survey by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) found that almost 70 percent of cannabis consumers drove high at least once in the past year. Twenty-seven percent said they drive high almost every day.” – Read Full Article

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First marijuana ‘breathalyzer’ test created by California company

“As more states legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use, law enforcement officials have grown increasingly concerned about individuals driving while high. Until now, police officers in the U.S. did not have any roadside means to determine whether a driver had consumed cannabis.” – Read Full Article

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A California Company Has Won The Race To Develop A Cannabis Breathalyzer

“If successful, it could keep the roads safe while preventing cops as well as cannabis consumers avoid the hassle involved with false positives.” – Read Full Article

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Police Face New Challenges when Determining if Someone is too High to Drive

A California company called Hound Labs is developing a marijuana breathalyzer that detects whether a user smoked or consumed cannabis in the past few hours.   Watch the Video Here

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The Pot Breathalyzer Is Here. Maybe

“But Lynn claims the company has overcome the technical and scientific hurdles and can accurately measure THC in breath molecules in parts per trillion. That’s ‘kind of like putting together more than a dozen Olympic size swimming pools and saying, “Hey, go find those 10 specific drops of water and in those 10 pools put…

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