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The marijuana breathalyzer’s uncertain future

“The path to creating a breath test has not been simple or easy. Lynn said THC is found in quantities “somewhere between a million and a billion times less concentrated” than alcohol in breath.” Read Full Article

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One for the road: Breakthrough claimed with pot-booze breathalyzer

“Hound Labs said last week that it had found an accurate way to measure THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis – within one or two blows… The idea is to replace a complicated assortment of blood and urine tests that can take days to produce a result and cannot distinguish between recent and chronic…

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Marijuana breathalyzer test could be coming soon

“From a trauma center perspective, I have seen the terrible, senseless tragedies related to impaired driving,” Lynn said. He’s seen it from a law enforcement perspective, too, and knows the challenges police officers face when dealing with impaired drivers Read full article

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The instant marijuana breathalyser: Firm claims $1,000 portable device can detect cannabis use almost immediately.

“Currently, blood and urine tests are the only way to know if a driver recently smoked. And not only are these test expensive, but results can take days. Most of the time the officer has no choice but to let people continue on their way, and while driving under the influence.” – Read full article

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Campus team works on research for marijuana-detecting breathalyzers

“The problem is that THC stays in your system for hours or days,” said Mike Lynn, co-founder and CEO of Hound Labs. Lynn’s background as a practicing physician, venture capitalist and reserve deputy sheriff led him to look into whether a system exists to measure THC impairment, which lasts just hours.” Read full article

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A scientific breakthrough brings us closer to a weed breathalyzer

“Law enforcement officers around the country are anxiously waiting on the day when a portable weed breathalyzer becomes reality, so they can stop relying on the scientifically dubious roadside munchies test. Thankfully, one Californian company (Hound Labs) claims to be almost there.” – Read full article

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