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Hound Labs eyes launch of first marijuana breathalyzer

Some companies, particularly in industries involving heavy machinery, are interested in finding a way to control staff use of marijuana, now that it is legal in 10 US states and some countries around the world. View the full article here >

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This ER doctor is about to debut the first marijuana breathalyzer, and he’s already raised $35 million from investors including the creator of ‘Law & Order’

THC is present in extremely low concentrations in breath. […] “It came down to finding the needle in 10,000 haystacks,” said [Mike] Lynn. View the full article here >

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This Company Claims It’s Created the World’s First Weed Breathalyzer

“There is no good roadside test,” [Mike Lynn] said. “The challenge even with drug recognition experts who really do have a lot of training is there’s some subjectivity. We’re trying to provide the objectivity.” View the full article here >

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Effects of legalized recreational marijuana on California roadways

In 2018, the first full year of [California’s] prop 64, there were 333 DUI marijuana arrests — that is a 69 percent increase [from 2017]. View the full article here >

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Local charges, but no conviction yet for driving with pot in the car

An American company is still conducting field tests on its roadside device it says can detect whether the driver has consumed marijuana within the last two hours, considered to be the peak time of impairment. View the full article here >


What Makes Testing for Marijuana Impairment so Challenging?

Breath is the only place in the body where THC remains for just a few hours after smoking, which makes it a much more useful indicator of recent use and possible impairment than any other THC drug test.   View the full article here >

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