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THC Breathalyzers May Be Coming Soon, To A Police Station Near You

Dr. Lynn said the purpose of the device is to “Maintain safety while recognizing the right to legally use marijuana.”

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The marijuana breathalyzer is here. Next up: a breathalyzer to catch people infected with COVID-19

“Hound Labs created the COVID-19 breathalyzer based on the same exquisitely sensitive technology platform that we use for the HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER,” said Dr. Mike Lynn, the CEO of Hound Labs.”

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COVID-19 breathalyzers being developed to detect those spreading the virus

“Breath is a window into the rest of the body,” said Doctor Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs.

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Avetta, Hound Labs partner with world’s first on-site test for recent marijuana use

Hound Labs’ solution is a key method to help both employees and companies maintain safety in all areas of the supply chain. Companies now have an accurate way to determine whether or not employees recently used marijuana prior to coming to the job site.

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Times, They Are A-Changin

The once-standard policy advice for employers – simply state that your company does not allow the use of marijuana because it is still a Schedule I drug and still illegal under federal law – no longer applies.


Marijuana breathalyzer repurposed to spot COVID-19

“A lab is getting creative when it comes to tracking the coronavirus, converting a breathalyzer used to detect marijuana into one that detects COVID-19.”

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