Mike Lynn is the CEO and co-founder of Hound Labs, the first to develop the dual marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer

Video Series: Ask Dr. Mike Lynn

Hound Labs CEO, Dr. Mike Lynn, draws on his training as an ER physician and reserve deputy sheriff to answer common questions regarding marijuana impairment.

How Does a Marijuana Breath Test Help Employers?


Dr. Lynn addresses the issues employers face due to increasing marijuana legalization.

Why Test Breath?


Dr. Lynn explains why testing breath is the only way to determine if someone smoked marijuana within the past 2 to 3 hours and is likely impaired.

Laws on the Books


Dr. Lynn discusses the current laws pertaining to marijuana-impaired driving and the need for objective data to enforce those laws.

Marijuana Potency


Dr. Lynn talks about the THC concentration in marijuana products today versus in the past and the risks this poses.

Recent News

Read the latest news about the Hound® marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer, the difficulty of measuring THC in breath, and marijuana impairment. You can find additional articles in our Media section.

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