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Director of Business Development at Hound Labs joins Morning Meeting

People have to realize it’s not legal to drive impaired, period. […] While you or I may not do it, it’s the person in the car behind us or in front of us that is driving stoned who is going to pose a problem to us and our families.

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California company develops first dual marijuana, alcohol breathalyzer test

It’s illegal to drive impaired in all 50 states. And whether you’re impaired by marijuana or by alcohol, it doesn’t matter, that’s clearly illegal.

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Drug Tests Show Marijuana Use at 14-Year High Among Workers

“It makes a difference if someone used marijuana at some point in the last four hours, versus the last four days.”

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Hound Labs eyes launch of first marijuana breathalyzer

Some companies, particularly in industries involving heavy machinery, are interested in finding a way to control staff use of marijuana, now that it is legal in 10 US states and some countries around the world.

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using scientific testing to establish drug detection times for marijuana

How Long Can Marijuana be Detected in Drug Tests?

Several drug testing methodologies exist today, and they all detect past usage of marijuana over different time frames.

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