Ask Dr. Lynn Video Series

Ask Dr. Lynn – Why do we need a tool to measure recent use?

Hound Labs CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Mike Lynn, talks about the wide-ranging groups of people whose interests come together around the use of a marijuana breathalyzer.

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Ask Dr. Lynn – Do you drive better stoned?

Do people really drive more safely when they’re high? Dr. Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs, addresses this myth.

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Ask Dr. Lynn – What happens when you mix marijuana and alcohol?

Hound Labs CEO, Dr. Mike Lynn, explains why mixing marijuana and alcohol is so dangerous, and then questions of common sense behind the choice to drive high.

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About Mike Lynn, MD

Dr. Mike Lynn is a practicing emergency medicine physician and teacher at a premier trauma center in Oakland, CA, and a clinical faculty member at the University of California. Dr. Lynn is also CEO and Co-Founder of Hound Labs.

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