Workplace Policies

Workplace Drug Testing

The Unexpected Costs of Drug Use in the Workplace

How do a bathroom scale and a fitness app relate to a successful and sustainable drug testing program? By preventing unexpected surprises.

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Cannabis Policy

Focusing Competing Priorities When Each Workplace Leader Is Right

Cannabis legalization is causing competing priorities among workplace leaders. Whose viewpoint should be the priority when each leader’s view has merit?

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Hound Labs Blog Cybersecurity

Six Steps Healthcare Organizations Can Take to Mitigate Cyberattacks

Our Security Snapshot series will feature tips from Hound Labs’ CISO Don Boian on ways to reduce threats to business continuity due to cyber risks.

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Hound Labs St. Patrick's Day

Why a Negative Test Result is Good Luck for Employees and Employers

Employees may hope the luck of the Irish kicks in for a drug test. The Hound® solution supports workers’ legal choices and takes the stress out of drug testing.

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Overhauling Cannabis Workplace Drug Testing: The Shift to Fitness-for-Duty and Post-Hire Testing   

“Shifting laws and rising numbers of employees who use cannabis are impacting how employers will implement workplace drug testing. The zero-tolerance era is over; fair and equitable testing practices are the new norm.”

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Cannabis legislation

2022 Legislative Update #1: Cannabis Legalization

While nothing is a sure bet when following the politics of cannabis, there are several states we have our eyes on in 2022. Here’s a breakdown of what cannabis reform legislation could be on the horizon.

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