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CA AB 2188
CA AB 2188

California A.B. 2188: Employment Protections for Cannabis Users

With the signing of Assembly Bill 2188, California becomes the seventh state to pass a law prohibiting the discrimination of employment based on the use of cannabis off the job and away from the workplace.

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Safety Sensitive

What Determines if a Position is Safety Sensitive?

Modernizing the definition of safety sensitive is critical for employers when maximizing the benefits of their drug testing program.

Hound Labs St. Patrick's Day

Why a Negative Test Result is Good Luck for Employees and Employers

Employees may hope the luck of the Irish kicks in for a drug test. The Hound® solution supports workers’ legal choices and takes the stress out of drug testing.

Hound Labs Blog Colorado cannabis legalization

10 Years of Cannabis Reform: Where Do We Go Next?

Looking back a decade later, the lack of cannabis education continues to create serious risks and blind spots for employers, employees, and communities.

Cannabis legislation

2022 Legislative Update #1: Cannabis Legalization

While nothing is a sure bet when following the politics of cannabis, there are several states we have our eyes on in 2022. Here’s a breakdown of what cannabis reform legislation could be on the horizon.


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