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Get a quote with preferred pricing for Avetta Customers.

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The ultra-sensitive HOUND® BREATHALYZER is the first ultra-sensitive drug test that identifies very recent marijuana use and provides results while on-site, helping employers to mitigate risk while retaining valuable employees.

A fair marijuana test is finally here.

Now that marijuana is legal for the majority of adults, employers need a new solution to identify recent use. Studies show that impairment lasts only a handful of hours after use but other tests can generate positive results for marijuana long after last use in some cases up to weeks later.


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For law enforcement, employer, and insurance use only. Not for any medical or therapeutic use.

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Good employees are worth keeping. Don’t risk losing them by using outdated marijuana tests.

At our company, employees are just as concerned about safety as we are. I have had a growing number come to my office and express concern about coworkers who use marijuana at their lunch hour during a shift.

    -- VP of HR, Manufacturing Company

Today I had to fire my best shift manager. He told me he used marijuana last weekend but there was an accident and the test was positive. I still believe that his marijuana use wasn’t the reason for the accident, but I had to follow the policy.

    -- Health, Safety, & Environmental Mgr,
Warehouse Company

Get a quote with preferred pricing for Avetta Customers.